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      Children's Mattress

      Dear Customer,

      For those who have been reading our blogs I hope you found it informative. We try hard to be honest about what we do and give people as much information as possible for them to make up their own minds.

      One comment I often receive is we love your mattresses but we cannot afford to buy one for each of our children.

      This is a serious concern to me as many of the flame retardants have been proven to be endocrine disruptors which have a dramatic effect on children.

      In response to this we launched our children's mattresses suitable for ages 2 to 12. These mattresses are made with our Cottonsafe® fabric and uses our 2" mini spring and cotton-rich filling. As with all our mattresses we use no chemicals, foams or spray adhesives.

      If you buy 2 we can offer a discount from what we save with shipping. I hope this enables people to not only protect themselves but protect their children too.



      Proud Sponsors of the Exeter & District Youth Football League

      Proud Sponsors of the Exeter & District Youth Football League

      Cottonsafe® Natural Mattress are proud to sponsor the Exeter & District Youth Football League via CSP UK Ltd.

      "We are currently working with well over 100 Mini, Junior, Youth and Development Leagues throughout England and Wales. Our innovative products have saved time and administration costs at numerous levels, but more importantly have raised nearly £350,000 worth of funding!" - CSP UK Ltd