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      Allergies can be triggered by a wide range of things. In the bedroom this is often a reaction to off-gassing from materials, by skin contact to covers or fillings in mattresses. A main cause of allergy can be the kilos of fire retardant chemicals and spray adhesives used in most mattresses (especially foam mattresses). All our mattresses are totally chemical free - none of our mattresses contain any fire retardants or spray adhesives.

      Although chemical allergies are a common issue, some reactions can also be caused by the natural materials used in bedding such as wools, latex or feathers. Identifying the source of the allergy may help you decide which Cottonsafe® mattress is most suitable for you.

      Our Vegan range are a highly breathable solution for all those with allergies. One of the lowest off-gassing materials is polyester and the ‘Purity’ fabric used in our Vegan range is pure polyester. This has a low carbon footprint because it can easily be recycled and, as it is one of the simplest polymers, it is very rare to cause an allergic reaction. Over the last 80 years, polyester has been used successfully next to the skin in outdoor clothing and is a perfect sleep surface.

      For customers with a tolerance for wool but with other allergies have a look at our Organic Wool range which use our patented Cottonsafe® organic cotton and wool fabric. For those concerned about Electromagnetic Smog we even have a totally unique wooden sprung mattress - The Aspiro. If you need further help or advice please don’t hesitate to contact us.   

      Vegan Luxury Mattress Vegan Luxury Mattress
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      Vegan Choice Mattress Vegan Choice Mattress
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      Vegan Value Mattress Vegan Value Mattress
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