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      Luxury mattresses do not need to have a ridiculous price-tag and our Luxury Collection demonstrates this. No compromises on quality here! At Cottonsafe® Natural Mattress we guarantee the highest quality totally chemical free mattresses for a wonderful sleep experience. Each of our Luxury Collection, which are created for just for you, uses lavish quantities of sumptuous natural fillings such as hand-teased cashmere, silk or Dartmoor Wool. For our discerning Vegan customers and those with allergies, our Vegan Luxury (Registered by the Vegan Society) contains kilos of hand-teased bamboo fillings. We even offer an exclusive wooden sprung luxury mattress with our Cottonsafe® patented organic cotton and wool fabric. From our workshops in Devon, our craftsmen use traditional techniques with pride to produce the finest, healthy and eco-friendly Luxury mattresses.
      Vegan Luxury Mattress Vegan Luxury Mattress
      From £760.00
      Topsham Natural Mattress Topsham Natural Mattress
      From £1,300.00