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      Natural Futon Mattresses

      Handcrafted Comfort from the Specialist Technologists in Futon Mattresses

      Cottonsafe® Natural Mattress is the only futon manufacturer in the UK to offer natural futon mattresses Fire Retardant Chemical Free Futon Mattresses. Organic cotton alone does not pass fire regulations, but our unique Cottonsafe® material using a blend of organic cotton and natural wool does - naturally!

      Within our futon fillings, the felt we use is all Cotton Rich which has a beautiful pure white finish and fresh aroma so you have a mattress which is cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. We use no foams or adhesives in our mattresses. 

      When it comes to buying a futon mattress we are often asked for advice. Customers often have a different requirement in terms of mattress feel and support – some like a softer bed mattress feel, whilst others prefer the traditional supportive futon.

      ♥ For the 2-seater frame our unique Flexi-Pocket mattress is a winner!

      ♥ For a futon mattress which will be used frequently as a bed, consider the Pocket Sprung (for a softer feel), TradLux, Cocoloc (our firmest futon).

      NEED ADVICE? CALL US – 01395 239832