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      Over the last few years we have been increasingly asked for fire retardant chemical free pillows. So, we researched the market thinking that polyester pillows would be a simple solution as this is inherently fire retardant. But to our great surprise we found that many polyester pillows DO use fire retardant chemicals. This is because manufacturers use Silicone spray on the Hollow Fibre to aid its bounce. This makes it flammable. Once the chemicals are used within the filling, the outer cover must be coated as well to meet the UK fire regulations. Crazy eh?

      So, we have now developed our own range of 100% fire retardant chemical free pillows – providing peace of mind and comfort for all the family:

      - Cottonsafe® Luxury Feather Pillow
      - Cottonsafe® Hollow Fibre Pillow
      - Vegan Chemical Free Hollow Fibre Pillow