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      Soft / Medium / Firm

      We are frequently asked by customers about the feel of our mattresses. This is difficult to quantify as all of the mattresses are available with a medium or firm tension spring. However, we have created the scale below to show the difference in the top fillings feel of the mattresses.

      This is provided as a guide only, for advice please call us on 01395 239832.

      Pure Choice Mattress Pure Choice Mattress
      From £579.00
      Vegan Value Mattress Vegan Value Mattress
      From £476.00
      Aspiro Bed Mattress Aspiro Bed Mattress
      From £2,758.00
      Vegan Choice Mattress Vegan Choice Mattress
      From £595.00
      Vegan Luxury Mattress Vegan Luxury Mattress
      From £690.00