Electromagnetic Smog and Your Mattress

Electromagnetic Smog and Your Mattress

In our modern-day life, we are surrounded by many forms of electromagnetic fields. These can be generated by electric cables, mobile phones and many electrical devices. The various electromagnetic fields set up by many of these devices has been labelled as Electromagnetic Smog.

Some research that has shown that these electromagnetic fields can affect the body’s sleep patterns and in extreme cases it may affect your health. There is also a counter belief that very low-grade magnetic fields can be beneficial to the body, even encouraging healing. Magnetic pain blockers and bracelets are used by many people.

However, there has been many claims and counter-claims about issues regarding these electromagnetic fields and it seems, at present, there is very little strong evidence to prove either way. Many articles can be found on the internet but when reading these, it is always recommended to find out who has funded the research to ensure that the article is not biased. Articles focusing on mattresses, for example, are often supported by Foam or Latex manufacturers.

If Electromagnetic Smog is of concern, then removing as many electronic devices as possible from your bedroom and turning off items that are not essential to sleep, would limit any effect.

Some of the strongest fields come from electric circuits and transmitting devices. Lighting circuits in your home can be reduced by turning off current when not in use and using low DC current to trigger a mains switch when light is required.

Some claims are even made against springs in mattresses, stating that they amplify electromagnetic fields. This is only the case with one type of mattress – those made with Bonnel Springs.

There are two types of sprung units used in manufacturing mattresses. Bonnel Sprung units and Pocket Sprung units. Bonnell Sprung mattresses contain a mattress cage is completely constructed using steel wire and all the springs and frame are connected. This type of construction probably gives most concern to those mindful of Electromagnetic Smog, as the large amount of connected steel is seen as a possible aerial picking up surrounding waves. Pocket Sprung mattresses consist of very short pieces of wire enclosed in fabric pockets therefore not connecting with each other. This construction means that any possible electromagnetic field picked up by the wire is tiny compared to the Bonnell sprung spring set. Therefore, if you are concerned about the possible effects of Electromagnetic Smog it would be better to go for a Pocket Sprung mattress.

Here at Cottonsafe® our number one concern is the kilos of toxic chemicals inside UK mattresses. Therefore, from our point of view, the use of Pocket Springs in mattresses allow us to move away from chemically treated foams, whether natural or man-made as well as giving maximum comfort and ventilation. We believe this is significantly more important to your health.

If you still have concerns, then please look at our beech wooden sprung “Aspiro” mattress range or our spring-free Futomat selection which are felt and fibre based.

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