Fighting for change at Cottonsafe®

Fighting for change at Cottonsafe®

Unlike all other mattress manufacturers, we are the only UK mattress manufacturer fighting for change. Leading the way, we are passionate about lobbying the government and working with NGOs (Non-Government Organisations and charities) to move towards chemical free homes and change the fire regulations. This timeline shows the mattress research, testing and development work Cottonsafe® have been involved in.


We would also like to thank all our customers, because without their support we would not have been able to make a difference. Due to the work we have been doing over the years, we are now having a significant impact on mattress manufacturing in the UK. We would still advise caution, as the majority of ‘chemical free’ mattresses are still using flame retardants but not telling their customers. Our advice would still be: If it’s foam, please don’t take it home!


Cottonsafe® Timeline

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