How do our wooden springs work?

How do our wooden springs work?


“When you relax and fall asleep, your body remains motionless for lengthy periods of time, However, beneath the skin in the blood and lymphatic systems important processes are taking place. Much like a giant conveyor belt, useful and excess materials are transported through the vessels of the body. This process may drastically slow down or even come to a complete halt in a badly selected bed.  In this case torpidity often appears to which you will respond by unintended tossing and turning. If this reoccurs several times during the night, your body will be unable to regenerate and you will wake in the morning still feeling tired.

Much like in your vessels, a two directional process takes place in the intelligent comfort layers beneath the Cottonsafe® cover of the mattress. The pressure created upon the mattress surface is directed away by the latex layers towards the load bearing wooden coil sprung mattress core, which reacts with appropriate flexibility to the pressure.

Regardless of your sleeping position, the Cottonsafe® VitalWOOD® mattress perfectly maps your bodyline irrespective of your body weight, and by eliminating the high pressure points, they provide free pathway for circulation and protect your sensitive joints.”

– Managing Director. VitalWOOD®

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