How To Buy A Safe Cot Mattress

How To Buy A Safe Cot Mattress

There seams to be a lot of misunderstanding about the UK safety regulations that cover cot mattresses.

In order to help you look for a safe mattress, we have listed below the most important.

  • Fire regulations:
    1. The fillings in your cot mattress have to meet the UK Furniture Fire Regulations which mean that should they contain any foams or latex they must be treated with flame retardants.
    2. The cover comes under the British Standard Regulation BS7177 which requires the cover to be tested under the match test regulations. Cotton and man-made fibres therefore should be treated with flame retardants to pass this regulation.
  • Caution, many flame-retardant chemicals are toxic and can affect your child’s health (click here to read more). Under UK law the manufacturer does not have to tell you if they are using flame retardant chemicals.
  • The Pounding Test is a mechanical test that is required to simulate movement of a child on the mattress. Under this test the mattress must not create a dip of over 10% of the thickness of the mattress.  This is to stop pooling in the mattress if the baby is sick.
  • All sewing should be done using a lock stitch sewing machine. This is to prevent thread from coming undone and wrapping itself around small fingers or limbs.
  • If a zip is used it should be of the locking type to prevent the zip from coming undone and allowing entrance to the inside of the mattress.

For your peace of mind Cottonsafe® cot mattresses pass all these regulations without any chemical treatments. Cottonsafe® – safe for your child, safe from fire and safe from chemicals.


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