Imposter Chemical Free Mattresses

Imposter Chemical Free Mattresses

A video of Mark giving a quick update about the increasing number of so called chemical free mattresses on the market. Also have a look at our blog “Chemical Free Mattresses – The Facts” to find out more.


“Hello, just a very quick update about chemical free mattresses. You’ve probably noticed that they’re very popular at the moment. We try to be very honest about what we put in our mattress but I think some manufacturers are not being quite so honest about what they use.

There are three main questions you need to ask, and make sure you get an honest response.

foamFirst of all – Is there foam in my mattress?

A lot of mattresses in boxes and similar mattresses contain foam. This foam is treated with chemical flame retardants which have health problems and endocrine problems associated with them, so you really need to avoid them.

Foam by law has to be treated with flame retardants, so if it has foam it will have flame retardants in it, sometimes 18-20% by volume. Which means in a 30 kg foam mattress you will have 5-6 kilos of flame retardant in your mattress.

Secondly – Adhesive Sprays

Many manufacturers use large amounts of adhesive sprays to stick all the components together. These sprays offgas so you need to avoid them.

Thirdly – Look at the cover of the mattress

If it is pure wool and a good quality then it should pass the regulations. Cotton, unfortunately cotton smoulders badly so generally is backcoated or impregnated with chemical flame retardants.

Cottonsafe® however is pure cotton but with a wool mix, so it takes the flame retardancy of the wool and combines it with the cotton so there are no flame retardants at all on a Cottonsafe® mattress.

There is another type of cover that is coming out at the moment which is wool mixed with cellulose and silicate. The silicate they say is sand although it obviously has gone through certain processes and the cellulose obviously is based on wood, but again as far as I know with the cellulose you’ve got acid treatments and things like that to turn it into a fibre. So I’m a little bit dubious about how natural this product is.

If you have any worries or queries please feel free to give us a ring and we’ll help if we can.”

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