Alpaca Wool Children’s Mattresses

Alpaca Wool Children’s Mattresses

Alpaca Children's MattressAll the alpaca wool used in our Alpaca Children’s Mattresses is sheared, processed and finished here in the UK. Alpaca fibre is natural and renewable and comes from sustainable breeders around the country. All the wool used comes from UK based Huacaya alpacas, Suri alpacas, or a blend of both.

Find out more about the benefits of our Alpaca Children’s Mattresses below:


The alpaca industry is still fairly small in the UK. As traditional farming becomes more pressurised, alpaca becomes more popular and demand exceeding supply, alpaca herds are a feasible alternative.


Due to the size of the alpaca industry there are no industrial intensive methods used. The herds are given the best care and attention to give them long-term health and to maintain a good fleece. No chemicals or dyes are used in the process.


Alpaca wool is highly breathable as it is naturally made of hollow fibres that allow water molecules to move easily. This helps regulate your body temperature preventing overheating and a disturbed nights sleep.


The process of creating alpaca wool makes only natural waste. Alpaca wool is a natural and renewable material which is also naturally biodegradable.

UK Manufactured

We are proud to source our alpaca from a UK based manufacturer of a wide range of sheeps wool and alpaca wool products.

Alpaca Fleece

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