Interesting Facts About Mattresses

Interesting Facts About Mattresses

The average price consumers pay for a bed in the UK is £450 (taking all sizes into account).

A £1,000 bed equates to just 40p per night over a 7-year period. That’s just 20p each if two people are sharing! So our double Appledore at £795, for example would only be 15.5p each over 7 years!

Market share by size



A double size (4’6) bed is still the most popular choice in the UK, accounting for around 45% of all sales. However, a double bed only gives each person 67 cm or 2ft 3in width space each – which is about the same as a baby’s cot!



72% of the UK population are replacing their mattress in less than 10 years, with the average replacement cycle being 7.5 years.

A survey in February 2016 found that 62% of people had bought a mattress on its own, of which 10% were roll-up mattresses.

Online Shopping60% of bed purchases are made in store, with online accounting for 40% of sales.


The gap between each slat on slatted beds should not be more than 9-10 cm (4 inches), as this will create more wear and tear on the mattress.

83% of all mattresses sold in the UK have springs, and pocket spring mattresses account for 41% of the total.

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