Aspiro Bed Mattress

£2,708.00£3,249.00 inc. VAT

Aspiro Bed Mattress

£2,708.00£3,249.00 inc. VAT


  • Unique AWS-Technology
  • Silent
  • Excellent flexibility without any metal
  • Excellent breathability
  • Solid wood spring – 30 year lifespan




The Aspiro mattresses takes a breath with every movement: the air within the mattress bodies start to flow by compressing the wooden coil sprung inlay providing fast and continuous ventilation in the mattress by flowing through the ventilation channels which enmesh the body of the mattress.

It is a turnable mattress with two slightly different support options on the top and bottom of the Aspiro, allowing for rotation.

  • The top side has one layer of latex above the wooden springs all wrapped in a layer of 100% organic wool, under the Cottonsafe® cover. This provides medium support.
  • If you wished to turn the mattress, the other side of mattress is slightly firmer using two layers of sumptuous latex (which is firmer and gives the mattress stability) again, with an outer layer of wool and the Cottonsafe® cover. This provides medium/firm support.

Each Aspiro mattress has handles for the ease of turning. It is hand-tufted with pom-poms for ultra-comfort.

The depth of the Aspiro mattress is approximately 28cm.

Warranty – 7 years.

The Aspiro mattress contains the following layers:

  • Cottonsafe® quilted cover
  • 100% organic wool inner cover layer
  • 4cm 85kg/m³ FR latex (60% natural – 40% latex with graphite)
  • 4cm 85kg/m³ FR latex
  • 12cm 85kg/m³ FR latex encasing wooden springs with AWST*
  • 4cm 85kg/m³ FR latex
  • 100% organic wool inner cover layer
  • Cottonsafe® quilted cover
*AWST – Anatomical Wooden Coil Spring Technology


These mattresses are currently available from stock so have a slightly shorter lead time than our other mattresses. Delivery should be within 2-3 weeks of ordering. If you have specific delivery requirements, please call us to discuss the available options on 01395 239832.

Wooden Springs Development

Our passion for natural and safe fillings for our luxury mattresses led us to work in partnership with a European Manufacturer VitalWOOD® who developed an exceptional beech wood Coil Spring System.

To produce a completely natural product which met all the UK fire regulations (including Contract/Hotel standard) the perfect solution was to use our Cottonsafe® material. So we have collaborated to bring together a totally unique natural product to the UK market. There is nothing like this to compare on the UK market.

For years our partners have been proved their wooden sprung mattresses performance and quality in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Japan, Italy, Russia, USA and Singapore.  Being committed to the culture of bio-harmonious sleep, they too have always liked to work with organic materials which provide a perfect night’s rest due to their positive effects.

Electrosmog-Free Environment

In the majority of beds with metal sprung mattresses, the springs behave as small magnets. Their fields push and pull each other at the same time. These fields can easily create uneven magnetic fields. Although the magnetic and electromagnetic radiation is invisible, their presence still causes unrest within our bodies which collect and amplify harmful radiation from the environment. Researchers know this condition as ‘disturbed sleep’, which may result in blood supply, circulatory or metabolism problems, high blood pressure and other health difficulties.

Unlike metal-springs the all metal-free VitalWOOD® mattresses neither collect or intensify harmful radiations coming from the environment, and the built-in spiral wooden-springs ensure anatomically perfect support of the spine.

More about the Wooden Springs

  • A completely unique manufacturing process in the world.Spring Dimensions
  • Beech wood of excellent quality originating from a specified production site.
  • The dimensions of each spring – 125 mm high, 72 mm wide, 14 mm deep.
  • The wood is held in a continuously controlled environment to achieve the right level of humidity.
  • The beech is straight grained, healthy and defect-free raw material.
  • Meticulous craftsmanship and a high degree of manual dexterity enables each beech strip to be hand-wound into shape and then dried using a special process.
  • Finally each spring is polished and finished and the dimensions checked and quality controlled for endurance, performance and lifespan.

The base material for the wooden coil spring is beech wood which is compressed and formed through a special process. They regain their shape 100% even after 120,000 pressings (the equivalent of a 30-year lifespan – tested by TUV Europe). The mattresses provide perfect spine support, bodyline mapping irrespective of your body weight (eliminating the high pressure points) ventilation and a neutral electro-magnetic sleeping environment.

There are between 25-40 wooden springs in each mattress depending on its size. These are positioned in areas requiring body contouring and support – from your shoulders to your upper legs.

The wooden springs also prove a silent mattress – no more creaking from the metal springs below as you turn.

Having bed springs made of wood is also ecologically sound as, in the longer term, any Cottonsafe® VitalWOOD® mattress will biodegrade with no impact on the environment. In addition, the beech wooden springs will last 3 times longer than metal springs.

What else is in the mattress?

The process by which the springs are incorporated into the mattress also makes it truly special. The wooden coil springs are embedded within a special shell-type structure made of graphite latex capable of independent movement, taking the body weight evenly relieving the spine.

We then use an additional layer of the latex at the top of the mattress to cushion the body like a cradle.

Unique Structure with continuous ventilation

The temperature of our bodies is highest at around 9 pm and gradually decreases after falling asleep, rising upwards and returning to its normal value at around 5 am. As a consequence of these temperature changes, the body generated 600-800 ml of moisture nightly. If the body is unable to decrease at its core temperature or if you are too warm, too cold or your bed cannot divert the moisture, you will be unable to sleep well.

Due to the materials we use, and the unique structural solutions, the mattress breathes with you. We use carefully selected materials which adjust to your sleeping phases and are able to regulate temperature and moisture.


Double – 4’6 x 6’3 or 140 x 190 cm
Kingsize – 5′ x 6’6 or 150 x 200 cm

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