Original Children's Mattress

£249.00£328.99 inc. VAT

Original Children’s Mattress

(35 customer reviews)

£249.00£328.99 inc. VAT

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Completely chemical free children’s mattress

Childrens Mattress FillingsAll children’s mattresses must pass the stringent UK fire regulations. The majority of mattresses for children do so by using fire retardant chemicals. Why should you be concerned about this? There is overwhelming research which shows that fire retardant chemicals can damage your child’s health and development. Click here to find out more.

Cottonsafe® has the look, versatility and feel of organic cotton with the natural advantages of wool. Cottonsafe® uses natural materials to pass the stringent UK fire regulations with no added chemicals.

This makes the Cottonsafe® children’s mattress a natural, chemical free alternative to keep your child safe.

The Original Children’s Mattress is filled with a central two inch deep pocket sprung unit with a layer of Cotton Rich felt and wool on each side. It is around 12 cm in depth and has a side zip (for manufacture only) in the middle of the edge. It is tufted with felt tufts rather than using metal buttons.

We offer these mattress in a traditional single (3′) and also a small single (2’6) width, both of which are 6’3 in length. We also now offer a longer single suitable for use on European frames (3′ x 6’6).

We also suggest purchasing a Premium Waterproof Mattress Protector with your children’s mattress which can be selected from the drop down menu. These protectors are waterproof while remaining air vapor porous allowing body heat to easily pass through. The Premium Waterproof Mattress Protector also serves as a barrier for dust mites and allergens, which provides for healthy, irritant-free sleep.

Comes with a 1 year manufacturing guarantee.

The Children’s Mattresses are aimed at children over 2 years old and will be suitable to around 12 years old (dependent on weight of the child – suggested maximum of 9 stone). It is a medium-firm support mattress which is recommended by The Children’s Sleep Charity.

Alpaca Children's Mattresses

Upgrade to Alpaca

We are now able to offer the Children’s mattress with luxurious alpaca layers instead of the wool. Alpaca fleece is the natural fiber harvested from an alpaca. It is a soft, durable, luxurious and silky natural fibre. While similar to sheep’s wool, it is softer, even more breathable and temperature regulating. It has no lanolin, which makes it hypoallergenic. Alpaca is naturally water-repellent and fire resistant. The alpaca fleece is 400gsm and there is up to 1.3 kilos in a 3′ Children’s mattress. Click here to see our Alpaca Children’s Mattress

Are you Vegan?

We are also now selling a Vegan version of our Children’s Mattress. Click here to see our Vegan Children’s Mattress

Looking for organic wool?

We have also received requests for an organic wool version of our Children’s Mattress. Click here to see our Organic Wool Children’s Mattress.

Looking for something a bit deeper for your bigger kids?

Have a look at our Pocket Sprung Futomat (15cm deep), Pure Choice Bed Mattress (23cm deep), or Appledore Bed Mattress (23cm deep).


Small Single – 2’6 x 6’3 x 5″ (76 x 190 x 12 cm)

Single – 3′ x 6’3 x 5″ (90 x 190 x 12 cm)

Long Single – 3′ x 6’6 x 5″ (90 x 200 x 12 cm)

Delivery is usually within one week from ordering. A delivery date will be arranged by email on receipt of your order.

Cottonsafe® Natural Mattress are proud to sponsor the Exeter & District Youth Football League via CSP UK Ltd.

“We are currently working with well over 100 Mini, Junior, Youth and Development Leagues throughout England and Wales. Our innovative products have saved time and administration costs at numerous levels, but more importantly have raised nearly £350,000 worth of funding!” – CSP UK Ltd

35 reviews for Original Children’s Mattress

  1. Amanda Archer

    I visited the company a couple of years ago to look at their products and was really impressed. I didn’t want my grandchildren to be sleeping on chemical coated mattresses, so invested in two children’s Cottonsafe mattresses. They are fantastic, I cant recommend them highly enough. The quality, environmental credentials and peace of mind are a credit to the company. I will be buying myself one of these mattresses as soon as I am able.

  2. Frankie Smither

    I purchased my two children a Cottonsafe organic children’s mattress each and they have been fantastic. The boys sleep so soundly and I am so relieved to know they aren’t breathing in dangerous chemicals. Fantastic value for money as discount was provided by purchasing two and customer service we’re quick to answer my questions and organise delivery on a day I needed. We are now saving to replace our own mattress which I hope we can do this year. Thanks cottonsafe team!

  3. F. Church

    Received today. Impressed with service and delivery timethe delivery people were accommodating with regards to not being able to be in a certain time.

    Thank you for an excellent buying experience. I’m sure my son will love his new big boy mattress and I will feel safe in the knowledge it’s chemical free!

  4. M. Gradaille

    The customer service was really good right from the beginning till the mattress was delivered. Even the guys who delivered was very friendly and nice.

    Their advised on the right product and their updates on delivery were just brilliant.

    The product itself is also very good. You can tell the materials used are high quality and our daughter is very happy and sleeping comfortably.

  5. M. Olivier

    I purchased two Original Children’s Mattresses and Protectors for my sons age 4 and 6. Pre-sales questions were answered promptly and delivery was smooth. The mattresses were for a bunk bed and fitted perfectly. They are very comfortable and of excellent quality! It was important to my family to get chemical free mattresses so I have no hesitation in recommending Cottonsafe.

    Also pleased to report that one “accident” did not leak through to the mattress thanks to the protectors which are neither noisy or hot like other brands.

  6. Joe

    We’re really happy. We bought a single for our little one after researching and realising that the price difference wasn’t huge. The more natural the better and we were surprised that this mattress is more comfortable than our own!

  7. E. Lusty

    I was so happy to find a reasonably priced mattress for our 7 year old’s new bed. So far, he is sleeping well, and the room has never had that revolting chemical smell that new mattresses usually bring.

    I hope your company does well and that more people hear about your lovely products.

  8. B. Weeks

    We absolutely love our son’s new mattress! It is so comfortable and we have the wonderful peace of mind that he is sleeping on a completely chemical-free bed.

    Delivery was swift and customer service excellent!

    We only wish we could afford to buy ourselves an adult one too!

  9. L. Hodson

    I think the mattresses are fantastic. The children have sleep much better and longer in the morning since we changed to them! My daughter has asthma and eczema so is reassuring to know there are no chemicals she’s being exposed to. Very happy.

    The protectors are also great and have caught a few spills, perfectly protecting the mattress and they are easy to wash and great they can be tumble dried. Would highly recommend.

  10. J. Moumene

    We are very happy with both items which were bought for my now 3 year old as she moved to a single bed.

    The mattress is very comfortable (even when I lie with her in the evening to sing and say good night) and has not changed its shape and I love the natural smell of it.

    The mattress protector is very good and reliable, feels soft but helps protect the mattress at the same time against any accidents.

    We are very happy with the product we bought as well as the purchase and delivery process and would absolutely recommend you as a company and your products.

  11. J. Dyer

    Amazing mattresses! My daughters both love their mattresses. Extremely comfortable, soft and warm. The mattresses did have a “biscuit ” smell initially due to the unbleached natural materials used but this did subside after a few weeks. Customer service staff where very helpful regarding this matter, sending alternative mattress samples which arrive the following day and also offered a refund if I wanted to return the mattresses. Really happy I decided to keep them. My daughters now sleep throughout the night in their own beds and I have peace of mind that their mattresses have no toxic materials unlike standard mattresses. I will be purchasing another mattress for myself in the future. Highly recommended this product. Fast convenient delivery and friendly staff.

  12. A. Vaissi

    We love the mattress and would highly recommend it to anyone who prefers more natural bedding.

  13. J. Grundy

    Thank you for the mattresses. We are vegans and am pleased to support a family business who I trust look after their sheep and sheer them carefully- this was a slight concern before buying them as we don’t use any mailbag products usually, but there are limited other options without harsh chemicals- knowing they are cruelty-free would’ve made the purchase easier!

    I am very pleased with the mattresses- I sleep easy knowing that my children are not breathing in any harmful chemicals. They had memory foam before but slept well on these new mattresses from the first night.

  14. Y.

    Great mattress, lovely and thick. Have recommended you to my sister!

  15. K. Venner

    I am very happy with both my single mattress purchases. My 4 year old loves his bunk beds and is very cosy snuggling into his mattress every night. There has been the odd night where I have had to help him sleep and I find the mattress very comfortable too!

    Would happily recommend them to others and I love the fact they are fully safe and meet all fire safety standards and are also made from natural materials which means my son does not breath in nasty chemicals while sleeping.

  16. G. Sarson

    The mattress was bought for my five year old grand-daughter, under strict instructions from my daughter, who rates your products very highly. Said grand-daughter seems to agree!

  17. J. O’Brien

    I am delighted to tell you how pleased I am with the mattress which I bought from you in October.

    I purchased my son’s mattress from you as he was moving from a cot to a single bed. My husband and I had recently bought a conventional mattress for ourselves and I was horrified at the toxic small which it emitted for weeks. I was not going to risk the same for my 3 year old. He loves his mattress, and seems very comfortable at night. He has a pillow and duvet form Devon duvets (sheep fleece), so initially he smelled like a little lamb by the morning, but this caused no problems!

    I look forward to the day I can justify replacing my mattress, and those of my other 2 kids. I will certainly source them from yourselves if possible. Thank you for offering such a great product.

  18. M. Bragg

    Thank you for your email. We bought the mattress for our little girl when she moved from a cot bed into a single bed and she absolutely loves it. It is super comfortable and cozy, she sleeps better than she has ever soon done before.

    I have always worried about chemicals in children’s bedding and take such comfort that she is on a safe mattress and not breathing in chemicals every time she goes to sleep. I have your water proof mattress protector which I would also like to praise as it really does work and again is not full of harmful chemicals.

    We are due our 2nd baby in a week and when he/she moves into a bed I will be buying another mattress from you.


    I have just looked on your website again and see that you do a cot bed mattress which I didn’t know, I thought you only did single size. I will be ordering a cot-bed size within the next 6 months, once our 2nd baby is born and moves from the crib into a cot.

  19. J. Walkington

    I’m delighted with the mattress. Really glad to have found a natural, non-toxic product that’s also comfortable.

  20. A. Spicer

    We are really pleased with the mattress and it is such great quality. Our 5 year old daughter sleeps so well on it, usually for 12 solid hours a night so I would say the proof is in the pudding!

    Thank you for the lovely product

  21. S. Taylor

    We’ve been extremely happy with our mattresses. We bought them for our children (aged 2 and 4) and they’ve slept brilliantly on them since day one.

    There was no horrible chemical smell when we opened them up (as you get with many ‘standard’ mattresses) and we feel so much happier knowing the kids aren’t breathing in flame retardants for 10 hours of every day!

    At some point we will need to switch our own mattress and will definitely look at Cottonsafe first.

    Many thanks for a fantastic product!

  22. S. G

    The mattress arrived today as you said and we are very happy with it indeed. Great product. Thanks for everything.

  23. R. Archer

    Mattress had been received, both me and my son are very happy with it! Thank you for providing not only an excellent product, but also customer service that has been second to none! Very kind Regards

  24. P. Ayres

    The mattresses are so beautiful thank you. We are delighted with them and my children say they are so comfy and warm. I would like to get one for us soon and I have told my parents and they are planning on getting one too!

    What a wonderful product.

    Thank you.

  25. J. Wraight

    I bought two children’s mattresses for my daughter’s trundle bed and can’t praise them enough. Not only are they totally safe to sleep on but they are also very comfortable, even for me with my dodgy hip! I absolutely love them, it’s such a relief to have found a chemical free alternative for my daughter to sleep on, and they are very reasonably priced. As another reviewer mentioned, I also love the smell of them! Thank you for lovely mattresses and for an honest, friendly service.

  26. A. Stirling

    So far so good. My little one seems to sleep soundly on the new mattress. It’s much more comfortable than his old one, but most importantly it give me peace of mind knowing he’s not swimming in a sea of chemicals! We bought two to go on our kids’ bunk bed, so when the youngest moves out of his cot he’ll sleep on the other one.

    Thanks for your services.

  27. Y. Hristova

    I am very happy to review your product! We bought two children’s mattress because of our baby daughter’s severe reaction to the fire retardants in the regular mattresses. We found out about her intolerance when we moved to live in the UK. In most EU countries mattresses are not treated with anything, they are made of layers of foam basically. When we moved here, our daughter started having severe bouts of hives when going to bed. At first we thought it was the food, then we thought it was the water, then the weather and so on. We excluded all possible reasons when the last thing to eliminate was the mattress. We slept without mattresses and without sofas for a month ( don’t ask how!). And guess what?! All hives disappeared!!! No more drugs, no more Emergency rooms, no more sick child.

    Then we found out about Cottonsafe. Their philosophy and the owner’s take on the mattress industry is what made me choose their product. Also, the price was very good compared to similar products. And with other “organic” mattresses I couldn’t be sure what’s really inside. With Cottonsafe I know.

    The mattresses themselves are very well made, with wool and cotton layers inside and very high quality cotton sheet on the outside. Don’t expect a fluffy mattress like the ones with foam though. The Cottonsafe mattresses are thick but naturally comfortable. The children LOVE them! The mattresses remind me of my grand parents old mattresses used on spring bed bases in the past. Excellent products, the price is well worth it!

    Thank you and keep up the good work!

  28. L. Green

    We love our cottonsafe mattresses. The delivery was very quick and the packaging was minimal, which was great. Both our children are sleeping really well on the mattresses. Our 3 year old has been leaving our bed to return to his own bed, which he says is more comfortable, so that is a definite seal of approval!

  29. C. Hunter

    We are super happy with the mattress. My son loves it and he seems to sleep much better than he used to. I even recommended it to a friend, who purchased two from you.

    I love the fact that I bought from a family run business and that the mattress was safe and organic at such a reasonable price. Communication was amazing and delivery was very easy. Thank you. I will be recommending you to others.

  30. C. Cunningham

    After a lot of research online about the high level of toxic materials that go into a standard mattresses (which is quite frankly frightening) and some conversations with Jessica via the online chat facility (great idea by the way) about what would be best for us I decided to buy two single mattresses for my children age 3 and 6 and i was not disappointed. From there free and speedy delivery to the quality and comfort of the mattresses my son has honestly never slept better (money well spent right there). I know how comfortable they are from first hand experience after spending a night on one with my sick 3 year old daughter. As soon as I can afford it i shall be investing in a king size mattress form myself because they are just fantastic. It’s lovely to know this is small UK based company I love supporting local business and my children are sleeping on safe non toxic materials. Thanks for all your help.

  31. S. Lewis

    The mattresses arrived on time and very well packaged, thanks. They’re now on the children’s beds and are perfect. The kids tell me that they’re comfortable and I’m happy knowing that the mattresses are safe and natural with no strong smell or off-gassing.

  32. R. Crocker

    I am very happy with the mattress I ordered from you in November. It has been comfortable for our guests to sleep on, and it was very reassuring to know that the sleepers would not be breathing in any chemicals. I will be ordering a futon from you next!

  33. K. Pickering

    We are very pleased with the mattress, my son finds it really comfortable, it is soft, yet not too soft. My son has not had any reactions to the mattress and there were no off gassing issues. Would definately recommend to others.

  34. S. de Carvalho

    They feel comfortable for me having tested it out but they are guest beds and haven’t received any real use yet! But I love that they are natural and they are soft and cosy. With no fumes etc as other conventional mattresses have.

  35. Amanda Richardsn (verified owner)

    Just received our son’s new cotton safe children 3′ mattress! He is seven and very excited having had a firm foam one for some time. We got the last one as he moved into his new bed at four and a half years old. It came with the mid sleeper bed we got him. As he is much heavier now I thought he needed a more supportive but comfortable mattress. A good mattress is just a sensible investment for health and growth in my opinion.

    He is a good sleeper generally so we are looking forward to seeing if he sleeps for longer now. It felt soft and comfortable to touch with a gentle spring back and he said it felt lovely. The bedding fitted well as the new mattress is slightly shallower than the foam one (the fitted sheet usually curled up the old mattress at the corners).

    I became much more aware of synthetic and chemically treated fibres whilst doing some research recently and was delighted to find a children’s sprung mattress with natural fibres and naturally chemical free fire retardant cover for a very reasonable price. I don’t want to even risk him breathing in chemicals 10 hours a day while he sleeps. My partner, who is more value for money oriented, was easily persuaded to part with his money (works out at 12p a night if it only lasted five years and it should last much longer) and rated both the mattress and the customer service as excellent. The mattress arrived on time with free delivery, within a week, with advice about it’s care.

    Our son has bounced into bed tonight with a beaming smile. Roll on dreamland!!

    PS My son does have the very occasional ‘accident’ when he sleeps very deeply so we opted for the mattress protector too. Can’t wait to ask Santa to bring some organic cotton bedding as well.

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