End of Line 3' Appledore Mattress

£569.00 £512.10 inc. VAT


End of Line 3′ Appledore Mattress

£569.00 £512.10 inc. VAT



We are continually striving to improve our manufacturing processes to produce the best mattresses possible, this now includes the use of a tape-edge machine. Now that we have moved across to this process we have some of our original European style side-zipped mattresses available as end of line items.

These are brand new mattresses, made to order and available with either a medium or firm spring. Limited stock only. 10% discount.

See full mattress information below.

The Appledore Natural Mattress

The first in our range, our excellent Appledore Bed Mattresses all have our signature chemical free Cottonsafe® cover. Each Appledore Mattress is handmade to order and internally stitched together with flax thread – we use no glues, solvents or adhesives. Our craftsmen also hand tuft our mattresses with wool-felt. The Appledore bed mattress is quality assured by our craftsmen in Devon and carries the “Cottonsafe®” brand with a 10 year warranty.

  • Cottonsafe® cover with embroidered logoStockholm Convention
  • Medium or Firm support feel with a luxury 1000 spring count
  • Turnable Active Support Technology®
  • No fire retardant chemicals
  • No adhesives or glues used in the manufacturing process
  • 10 year manufacturing guarantee
  • Unlike all other mattresses, we comply with the Stockholm Convention on recycling and each mattress is clearly labelled as such

Our Cottonsafe® Cover

The Cottonsafe® fabric cover is completely unique and naturally fire retardant with NO ADD ON TREATMENTS such as FIRE RETARDANT COATING OR CHEMICALS. Why should you be concerned about fire retardant chemicals in mattresses? Click here for more information.

We have a method patent pending on our technology. Academic research has proved that Cottonsafe® is the safest mattress on the market – see here.

Cottonsafe® is a blend of organic cotton with natural wool with built in fire barriers. Click here to find out more about Cottonsafe®.

Why use certified Organic cotton in the cover? Organic cotton uses far less pesticides and fertilisers than conventional cotton and it comes from original plants which are not genetically modified and have not been treated with chemicals during the processing and packaging, such as washes, bleaches, scents or colouring. Whilst organic cotton is more expensive than conventional cotton at Cottonsafe® Natural Mattress we feel that it is definitely worth it. Cotton is a very thirsty product but organic cotton uses less water due to the fact that most farmers use rain-fed watering rather than irrigated water which depletes groundwater sources. Water is a vital resource the world over.

Side-zipping is a European production method. The outer Cottonsafe® cover is sewn together with a zipped central seam, which simply allows us to add the cover over the mattress fillings. Many of our customers prefer the zip cover as it proves we are honest and open about the fillings we use in our mattresses. Please note, however, this cover cannot be removed as it is tufted in place.

Appledore Fillings & Springs

We only use top quality luxury fillings which include extra thick layers of white cotton rich felt, thick wool, a luxury pocket sprung unit using Active Support Technology® and a soft wool top to give you a totally luxury feel. The inner core is then wrapped around the edge with a cotton rich side wall wrap, which is then sewn to the frame using natural flax. Each mattress is hand stitched around the border. It is a fully turnable mattress, meaning the fillings are equal on both sides.

The luxurious 1000 pocket-sprung unit in the centre of the Appledore mattress comes with a choice of medium or firm support springs.  It is well known by experienced mattress makers that a 1000 pocket sprung unit gives you the perfect balance between quantity and quality. The pocket springs are in their own individual pockets which allows the mattress to adjust and respond to your body weight. Click here to find out more about our springs.

Because we use natural and organic materials with little or no treatment to keep them as natural as possible there may be an aroma of cotton or wool. Also due to the thick layers we use, a degree of settlement will naturally occur over time.  This process may be accelerated by constant pressure or lying in a certain area leaving a slight hollow.  This is quite natural; over time this will smooth out when the fillings settle evenly.

Appledore Filling

  • Cottonsafe® outer fabric
  • Soft British wool layer
  • White Cotton Rich layer
  • Needled wool layer
  • 1000 Pocket spring unit
  • Needled wool layer
  • White Cotton Rich layer
  • Soft British wool layer
  • Cottonsafe® outer fabric


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