Latex Futomat

£321.00£928.99 inc. VAT

Latex Futomat

£321.00£928.99 inc. VAT

A chemical free futon style mattress for bed use, fire retardant but also chemical free with Cottonsafe® quilted mattress cover and felt tufts instead of buttons.



Latex Futomat – Medium Support

The fabulous Latex Futomat contains a luxurious Latex layer in the centre, and 4 layers of white cotton rich felt. Sourced from eco-friendly sources, natural latex is breathable, retains shape and is supportive and long lasting.

At last – a total unique futon-style mattress (for bed use only) which is completely fire retardant chemical free but naturally meets all the UK fire regulations.

By using our signature Cottonsafe® quilted mattress cover, which simply uses the best organic cotton and wool, you can have the perfect naturally safe bed mattress. We have developed this unique blend of natural fibres which have been woven here in the UK at a leading British cotton mill.

  • Our mattresses are completely safe and tested by a UKAS certified independent testing house to conform to UK fire regulations.
  • Futomats use Cottonsafe®, our own trademarked fabric which is naturally fire-retardant with no man-made fibres and NO ADD ON TREATMENTS, COATINGS OR CHEMICALS on the inside or on the outer cover of the mattress. Our Futomats contain no toxic chemicals that can be inhaled or absorbed.
  • Each mattress is handmade and quality assured by our craftsmen and tufted with woolfelt for perfect results.

For a safe nights sleep the perfect choice

Our excellent Latex Futomat has our signature chemical free Cottonsafe® cover quilted with a layer of wool underneath.

The Latex Futomat is then filled with our white cotton-rich filling which is a mixture between cotton and pure polyester. This keeps the cotton fibre from tangling and knotting and it increases loft thickness, allowing more air to pass through the fibres.  It reduces dust and helps body moisture evaporation.  It also stops the cotton layers from pulling or breaking apart.

Our Latex Futomat is handmade to order and are zipped before being tufted– we use no glues, solvents or adhesives. Our craftsmen hand tuft our mattresses with wool-felt.

Please note:
Because we use natural materials with little or no treatment to keep them as natural as possible there may be an aroma of cotton or wool. Also due to the thick layers we use, a degree of settlement will naturally occur over time.  This process may be accelerated by constant pressure or lying in a certain area leaving a slight hollow.  This is quiet natural; over time this will smooth out when the fillings settle evenly.




2’6 – 76 x 190cm
3’ – 90 x 190cm
4′ – 120 x 190cm
4’6 – 140 x 190cm
5’ – 150 x 200cm

Depth – 15cm

Manufacture and delivery

As each of our Futomats are handmade to order, delivery will normally be within 7 days. They will come rolled and double bagged for ease of transport.

Super King Futomats will be sent with a two man team, so delivery may take up to two weeks.


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