Organic Wool Cot & Cot Bed Mattresses

£189.00£248.99 inc. VAT

Organic Wool Cot & Cot Bed Mattresses

£189.00£248.99 inc. VAT

100% chemical free. Pure, totally natural & safe.



Completely Chemical Free Organic Wool Cot & Cot Bed Mattresses

We pride ourselves in sourcing completely chemical free mattress fillings and are honest about the advantages and disadvantages of all the materials we use. Some customers still would prefer and request organic certified wool. So, we have introduced a new mattresses in our range – The Organic Wool Cot & Cot Bed Mattresses

Like all small family businesses and farms, we find the cost of accreditation and certification of organic product considerable. We do not believe in passing these hidden costs on to our customers. So, the Organic Wool Cot & Cot Bed Mattresses use organic wool from a highly reputable wool supplier who produces the best grade organic wool in the UK, and are themselves GOTS and Soil Association accredited for this product. However, if we were to use accreditation logos we would have to add a further 20% onto the price, so we choose not to.

If you are happy with non-organic wool, click here to see our original Cot & Cot Bed Mattresses.

All cot mattresses must pass the stringent UK fire regulations. The majority of cot mattresses do so by using fire retardant chemicals. Why should you be concerned about this? There is overwhelming research which shows that fire retardant chemicals can damage your child’s health and development. Click here to find out more.

Cottonsafe® uses natural materials to pass the regulations with no added chemicals. Cottonsafe® has the look, versatility and feel of organic cotton with the natural advantages of wool. This makes the Cottonsafe® cot & cot bed mattresses a natural, completely chemical free alternative to keep your baby safe.

Unlike most other cot & cot bed mattresses, ours are filled with a central two inch deep pocket sprung unit as well as two layers of cocoloc (coir fibre) and wool on each side. Cocoloc filling alone in cot mattresses can produce a very firm surface and whilst the surface does need to be completely level and tight, it also needs to be comfortable for your little one. The addition of the springs provides the correct level of support and safety.

We offer these mattresses in both a traditional cot (60 x 120 cm) and cot bed (70 x 140 cm) size.

We also recommend purchasing a Premium Waterproof Mattress Protector with your mattress which can be selected from the drop down menu. These protectors are waterproof while remaining air vapor porous allowing body heat to easily pass through. The Premium Waterproof Mattress Protector also serves as a barrier for dust mites and allergens, which provides for healthy, irritant-free sleep.

Free delivery in around 1 week.

One year manufacturing guarantee.

Complies with all standards (BS 1877: Part 10 2011 + A1: 2012, BS 7177:2008 for domestic use (low hazard))


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