Topsham Natural Mattress

£1,700.00£3,564.00 inc. VAT

Topsham Natural Mattress

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£1,700.00£3,564.00 inc. VAT

The finest and astonishingly affordable Topsham Natural Mattress is a simply outstanding chemical free and 100% natural mattress. You will not find a better mattress in terms of pure craftsmanship and superior natural materials.

Don’t forget your chemical free pillows too!



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The Topsham Natural Mattress with Silk

Delivering the most divine night’s sleep, the luxurious Topsham is a superior mattress crammed with hand teased natural silk and our hand teased Dartmoor wool – responding to your every move and moulding to your individual sleeping position and weight. Silk adds a super-soft and cool finish to the mattress. Dust mites hate silk, making it the ideal choice for anyone suffering allergies.

Designed to maximise comfort and support, this handcrafted mattress is made with lashings of premium materials – including award winning heat-treated pocket springs, natural silk, and, of course our organic cotton and wool Cottonsafe® cover. These natural materials make the mattress beautifully breathable, helping to regulate your sleeping temperature throughout the night for optimum comfort.

  • Four rows of traditional hand side stitching creating a 27cm luxurious border
  • Our fabulous Dartmoor Farm natural washed and hand teased wool and silk with lavender
  • Cottonsafe® cover with embroidered logo
  • An award winning 2000 spring count of with either medium or firm support
  • Completely turnable for comfort and support
  • Finished with eight air vents and four carrying handles
  • No fire retardant chemicals, no adhesives or glues
  • Unlike all other mattresses, we comply with the Stockholm Convention on recycling and each mattress is clearly labelled as such
  • 10 year manufacturing guarantee
  • Delivery: 7-8 weeks (Some items in stock for speedy pre-Christmas delivery. Phone to check availability on 01395 239832)
  • It may be possible to make a bespoke Topsham mattress to your own specification i.e. unusual size or 4 poster beds with corner cut outs. Ring for a quote on 01395 239832.

Our Cottonsafe® Cover

All wool mattresses can have an itchy or prickly cover fabric. We prefer the soft feel of organic cotton. So, whilst our Cottonsafe® fabric uses pure wool in its blend, it has the distinct advantages of the softer organic cotton, producing a much more comfortable sleep surface.

The Cottonsafe® fabric cover is completely unique and naturally fire retardant with NO ADD ON TREATMENTS such as FIRE RETARDANT COATING OR CHEMICALS. Why should you be concerned about fire retardant chemicals in mattresses? Click here for more information.

We have a method patent pending on our technology. Our unique Cottonsafe® fabric using organic cotton and wool means no fire-retardant chemicals are necessary to meet the strict UK fire safety standards.  Academic research has proved that Cottonsafe® is the safest mattress on the market – see here.

Cottonsafe® is a blend of organic cotton with natural wool with built in fire barriers. Click here to find out more about Cottonsafe®.

The Dartmouth Cottonsafe® cover is finished with eight air vents and four carrying handles.

Topsham Fillings

Within the body of the mattress our Dartmoor wool and silk is hand teased. The Dartmoor sheep’s wool has a wonderful ability to wick away moisture and allow the air to circulate. The thermo-regulating properties of this wonderful wool and the cool properties of the silk ensures you keep warm in winter and cooler in summer.

Hand teasing is a labour-intensive process and is a method of separating the fibres of the natural fillings used in the layers of the mattress by hand. It is necessary to tease the natural fibres of our Dartmoor wool when used carefully by hand, working through the strands to remove any impurities in order to achieve an even layer of soft and natural aeriated filling.

For extra springiness we use a layer of hand-teased horse hair. It has been a staple ingredient of traditional mattresses for decades and adds unique properties increasing breathability and ventilation to the wool. The individual hairs never squash into a permanent shape, so this gives the mattress fillings added “spring”. If, however, you would prefer no horsehair simply ask – we will add more wool instead.

Because we use natural and organic materials such as wool and silk, with little or no treatment to keep them as natural as possible, there may be an initial aroma of lanolin. This will dissipate with use. Also due to the thick layers we use, a degree of settlement will naturally occur over time.  This process may be accelerated by constant pressure or lying in a certain area leaving a slight hollow.  This is quite natural; over time this will smooth out when the fillings settle evenly. The Topsham should be rotated 180 degrees and turned over, once a month, to help even out wear.

Topsham Springs

We use an award-winning Active Support Technology® 2000 spring count in the centre of our completely turn able mattress. The active pocket spring coils are cleverly nested in two layers making the mattress incredibly deep and sumptuous.

The pocket springs are in their own individual pockets which allows the mattress to adjust and respond to your body weight. Click here to find out more about our springs.

The Topsham mattress is available in medium and firm tension.

Topsham Mattress Construction

Unlike the majority of mattress manufacturers’ we use no chemicals, glues or adhesives in the construction of our mattresses. Instead, we use the talent of traditional mattress craftsmen and stitch the mattress fillings in place using flax.

The four rows of hand stitching provide the best possible side panel support. These stitches go right into the core of the mattress – three springs in – to ensure the mattress has edge to edge support. It is then hand tufted with premium wool tufts. Click here to find out more about side stitching.

And finally, the crafted mattress is hand tufted. Hand tufting is the process which secures all the fillings and the spring unit together through the depth of the mattress. Once the body of the mattress has been assembled the mattress is put into the mattress press. Long tufting needles are then driven through the mattress by hand, inserting cotton poppins, which are then secured either side with wool felt tufts.

Tufting is the best method of ensuring the spring units and mattress layers remain in position and is necessary to prolong the durability of the mattress.

Each Topsham Mattress has eight vents for air-flow and four handles for ease of movement. Unlike many other types of mattresses, it is a completely turnable which will extend its life and even out wear. It is topped off with our beautifully embroidered Cottonsafe® logo.

Pure, Natural and Safe – Cottonsafe®

Topsham Filling

  • Cottonsafe® Outer Fabric
  • Layered British Wool
  • Hand Teased Pure Silk
  • Hand Teased Dartmoor Wool (with dried Lavender)
  • Bonded Cotton
  • Horse Hair
  • Spring Insulator
  • 2000 Pocket Spring Unit
  • Spring Insulator
  • Horse Hair
  • Bonded Cotton
  • Hand Teased Dartmoor Wool (with dried Lavender)
  • Hand Teased Pure Silk
  • Layered British Wool
  • Cottonsafe® Outer Fabric

Additional Information


Small Single size (2’6): 76 x 190 x 27 cm
Single size (3’): 90 x 190 x 27 cm
Small Double (4′): 120 x 190 x 27 cm
Double size (4’6”): 135 x 190 x 27 cm
King size (5’): 150 x 200 x 27 cm
Super King size (6′): 180 x 200 x 27 cm

We also offer both King and Super King zip and link mattresses which are made from either two 2’6 or two 3′ mattresses with a choice of both medium, both firm or one of each spring.

Delivery details

Our bed mattresses are delivered by a two man team. For full delivery information, see the Delivery page.

2 reviews for Topsham Natural Mattress

  1. N & C Wood

    The Topsham mattress is a superb product. It is extremely comfortable, and it’s reassuring that there are no fire-retardant chemicals. We were really pleased with the delivery of the mattress and the topper (also a high-quality product). Thank you for your excellent service.

  2. M. Marshall

    The mattresses are superb…so comfortable and we have a much better sleep since their purchase.

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