Organic Wool

Organic Wool

As you can read on this website, we are honest about all our raw materials in order that you, the customer, can make up your own mind and make an informed choice about the products you are buying.

For all British wool, any chemical residue, after scouring, is approximately one part per 100,000,000. This is the same whether it is organic or non-organic wool. As you know, at Cottonsafe® we are more worried about the kilos of fire retardant chemicals other manufactures use in their mattresses.

To put it in perspective:

The 19 kilos of wool we use in our Widecombe mattress would mean you would have to buy 5000 of them to make it possible to obtain one single gram of chemical residue.


Over 10 million of our Widecombe mattresses will produce the same amount of chemical residue from the wool as the cover coating and fillings from one fire retardant treated UK mattress.

However, some of our customers have inform us that they would still prefer to buy organic wool. As your opinion matters to us, we have launched our Cottonsafe ® organic wool range.

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