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      Cottonsafe® - The future of Organic fabric

      Cotton fabric with the advantages of Wool - UK Patented.

      Cottonsafe® has the look, versatility and feel of organic cotton with the natural advantages of wool.

      Cottonsafe® uses natural materials to pass the stringent UK fire regulations with no added chemicals.

      British Wool Marketing BoardDue to its hygroscopic nature the wool dramatically increases the breathability of the fabric allowing good ventilation. This keeps the fibre warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The increased ventilation also reduces the growth of bacteria and therefore reduces odour.

      Cottonsafe® Natural Mattress is a Licensee of the British Wool Marketing Board who are raising awareness among consumers about the unique benefits offered by the fibre.

      The anti-static and dust free properties of this combination of natural materials also help increase its hypoallergenic properties allowing for a natural night's sleep.


      1. Cottonsafe® is 100% natural, 100% biodegradable and 100% sustainable.
      2. Cottonsafe® is a unique patented method of blending organic cotton and pure wool.
      3. Absolutely NO chemicals, so completely safe for your families' health (and your pets).
      4. Unlike chemically treated alternatives, Cottonsafe® has fire safety woven in and surpasses ALL the UKs stringent Furniture Fire Regulations naturally.
      5. Made in the UK using highly skilled British weavers, Cottonsafe® combines the natural fire retardancy of wool with the soft to the touch & feel of cotton.
      6. It has the natural and warm properties of wool but the perfect absorbency of cotton to keep you cool. Cottonsafe® is hard wearing and long lasting.
      7. Cottonsafe® is breathable and creates the perfect chemical-free environment for a good nights' sleep.
      8. Cottonsafe® is environmentally friendly - the organic cotton uses less pesticides and is less water intensive. And it can safely be disposed of or recycled at the end of the products' life.
      9. The Cottonsafe® fabric is fire retardant for the whole of its lifetime. Research has proved that, in a fire, it dramatically reduces toxic fumes and smoke, so keeping your family safe.
      10. Pure, Completely Natural and Safe - Cottonsafe®.


      Frequently Asked Questions

      1. We'd like to know more about your new Cottonsafe® fabric. Can you tell us about why you developed it?

      In 1988 the British Government introduced legislation that required all sofas and mattresses to be chemically treated with Fire Retardant Chemicals to meet new fire safety standards.

      As a company, although we supported the legislation, we were very unhappy about the health impact of medically untested chemicals used as flame retardants.

      2. Aren't these Fire Retardant chemicals tested then?

      Some of these chemicals have recently been banned (like Boric Acid - an insecticide) because they have been found to be toxic, but as one FR chemical is banned another is replaced by an untested alternative.

      3. Is there any research about the effects of Fire Retardant chemicals?

      Yes, there is a huge amount of international research proving that these chemicals harm human health and the environment. If you'd like to know more about the fight against chemical fire retardants in the US and Europe, a Google search will give you plenty of information.

      4. So what did you do?

      Over the last year we have been developing our own material to produce a textile which is NATURALLY fire retardant and meets all the latest legislation and standards. With the help of a cotton-mill in the North of England, we looked at different weaves and materials to achieve this. We wanted to keep to natural materials with a low carbon footprint. We decided to use organic cotton, pure wool and other natural fibres.

      5. But isn't organic cotton by itself fire resistant?

      No, it's not. We know that organic cotton alone will not pass the fire regulations when tested as it does not go out - it just smoulders.

      Cottonsafe® material does not. Please see the Fire Test video on our Homepage.  This completely new material has been independently tested by UKAS and has not only passed the legislation for bedding and upholstery but has even past the much higher Contract Standards.

      6. Where can I buy mattresses made from Cottonsafe®?

      Cottonsafe® is unique to Cottonsafe Natural Mattress and Cambridge Futons - we are the ONLY company in the UK using this material. Cottonsafe® is UK patented.

      7. What advice would you give consumers when they are buying mattresses or sofas?

      When buying a mattress or sofa ask the manufacturers if they use fire retardant chemicals as a back-coating on their covers - be informed, so you can make a choice.

      And if you have any further questions about our Cottonsafe®, please give us a call: 01395 239832.

      Psoriasis suffers

      We are being informed by some of our customers who suffer from Psoriasis that when they use a Cottonsafe® mattress or topper they are noticing a marked improvement or a complete remission of their condition. Although we are not selling this product as a cure, we would be very interested in any feedback that we can pass on to the Psoriasis Association.