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      Caring for your futons

      Caring For Your Childrens MattressCaring for your topper

      Our mattress topper adds approximately 1 ½ inches of soft comfort, additional cushioning, and extra pressure point relief for ultimate rest and relaxation. You place the topper right on top of your mattress and the fitted sheet goes over both the topper and the mattress itself, holding the topper in place. We suggest you rotate your mattress topper which will also add longevity to your mattress.

      The toppers do not require laundering - simply air once or twice a year.

      Your topper will always "settle" by approximately 20% in the first few weeks of use as the Cotton Rich Felt gets acclimatised. Please bear in mind settlement will occur first in the position you lie. Over time and with use settlement will take place over the full surface and the topper will level out. To aid this process, try to use the topper evenly from side to side, and end to end.

      Caring for your Futomat

      Due to the way Futomats are made, with layered fabric fillings, they initially contain a lot of air. Your Futomat will always "settle" by approximately 20% in the first few weeks of use. To take this into account our Futomats are much thicker than their Japanese futon counterparts.

      To look after your Futomat and stop it settling unevenly, we suggest you roll it one way and then another, or occasionally give it a shake (a job for two people) to re-distribute the fibres. Settlement may be irregular and more noticeable if a person lies in one position on the Futomat constantly or a single person sleeps in the middle of a double Futomat. We recommend that use of a Futomat should be regulated across the surface to allow even settlement.

      It is vital that a Futomat is used on a frame, we would suggest a slatted frame. We do not suggest using our futons directly on the floor, as moisture can condensate underneath. This wetness could cause mildew to form. Keep your Futomat at least a few inches off the floor on a slatted frame to allow air to circulate and the Futomat to breathe.

      Your Futomat is a mattress therefore the outer cover cannot be removed. For removal of small stains, we suggest using a damp, but not wet cloth or if necessary a dry cleaning spray. The mattress should be well ventilated afterwards.