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      Dr N.

      Best mattress for my budget

      The back story. I sleep fairly poorly (asthma and hip and knee problems) and somewhat hot. There is no heating in the bedroom and a window is open all year round. After speaking at some length to a company I purchased a very expensive memory foam mattress some years back. It was disastrous. Hot and uncomfortable. My recent purchase. Given that the memory foam mattress was not that old I was very reluctant to buy a different mattress. Googling mattresses, bought up a which article that suggested many online purchases were as good as if not better than high street purchases. Your website came up in the subsequent search. It was remarkably simple to use, I was able to identify the best mattress for my budget and needs. However even the best websites often require further clarification. I made 3 phonecalls to your company. Each time my questions were answered quickly and clearly which I must say did inspire confidence. My order of a Widecombe king size mattress with mattress protector was placed. All subsequent information about delivery etc was by email and in a timely manner. The order was delivered and installed on the day and time arranged. Having used the mattress for about 2 months now I can only say I wish I had bought this mattress sooner (or the first time around!). The weather has been both hot/close and cold/wet (great British weather). This mattress has been a joy to use at all times. My breathing is noticeably better and the comfort levels are so much better. I would highly recommend not only this company but also this mattress.

      T. Bowden

      Great and a delight to sink into at the end of the day

      Both the topper and the mattress are great and a delight to sink into at the end of the day, both for comfort and for knowing that there are no nasty chemicals to breathe in. Also the service was great. I would have no hesitation in recommending these products and this family company.

      J. Vernon

      Cannot praise it enough

      We purchased a Widecombe mattress (medium) a week ago and cannot praise it enough it is so very comfortable, yielding yet supportive and they say it gets even better over time! I sleep on my side a lot and our old mattress was too firm and consequently my shoulders and neck got scrunched up, after just a week my shoulders feel more relaxed and pain free. The mattress feels warm to get into yet doesnt make you feel hot and sweaty when the temperature rises and although my sense of smell is very good I didnt detect any sheepy aroma. Yes, its expensive but hey, you gets what you pays for!!

      P. Fennell

      Best nights sleep for a long time

      I bought this mattress for my adult son and he says its the best night sleep he`s had for a long time and he is glad we bought. Before I bought it he done a lot of research into getting a new mattress and your company came out the best.

      K. Adam

      I cannot recommend this mattress enough

      So, I spent a long time researching mattresses before choosing this one. I have had problems with insomnia all of my adult life so really wanted to get this right. I also, more recently, have become aware of toxic chemicals that are in our cleaning products, toiletries and our furniture. I have spent the last couple of years trying to minimise the chemicals in our home by changing over to natural products where possible. I wanted to change our mattress and became aware of the natural mattress industry, however soon realised that many mattresses that claim to be natural are actually treated with toxic chemicals; this is because of fire safety regulations. In other words, these companies dont have any choice (or they think they dont) as they have to meet with these regulations and use these nasty chemicals on their mattresses. As we spend so much time on our mattresses I thought it was really important to avoid chemicals and I also wanted comfort to help with my sleep. Thats when I discovered Cottonsafe. They seem to be the only UK company that I could find whose mattresses are genuinely natural. This is due to the Cottonsafe material that they have developed that is naturally fire retardant. I hesitated for a long time, probably a year or so, before I decided to purchase. I basically tried to see if I could find a cheaper option. I was worried that I might spend all this money and be disappointed. Eventually I decided to buy. This was following a bad bout of insomnia. The mattress I had been sleeping on was a memory foam one, which basically caused me to overheat all the time. I would wake up on fire and wouldnt be able to get back to sleep. I knew this was caused by the memory foam so I decided to take the plunge and buy the new mattress. I have been sleeping on the Widecome mattress for around 2 months at the time of writing this review and I am happy to say that I am over the moon with it. It is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I love it and I am sleeping liking a baby. This might sound a bit dramatic but its actually changed my life. No more waking up hot and uncomfortable and I can now function normally after a good nights sleep. It just does the job its supposed to do and without myself and my partner being exposed to nasty chemicals. The company were great to deal with and from the point of order our mattress arrived in less than 2 weeks. Giving us a specific time slot too. So if youre hesitating I hope this review will help you make a decision. I cant recommend this mattress enough.