Questions you should always ask about your natural mattress

Questions you should always ask about your natural mattress

What is the cover made from and what processes and chemicals are involved?

We just use organic cotton and natural wool woven together in a unique weave. Nothing else.

Unlike other natural mattresses, we do not use wool mixed with chemically manufactured cellulose fibres, silicate, phosphorus, or sulphur.

Are there any fire retardants in natural mattresses?

Many natural mattresses use chemical fire retardants. Sounds crazy but its true. There are some German accreditation organisations that claim they ban harmful fire retardants but leave many others which have yet to be tested. New FR chemicals are being developed all the time.

We use none. Our cover also passes Crib 5 level of the fire regulations, higher than any other natural cover even the chemically treated ones.  We use no chemical fire retardants on the cover or in the fillings.

Is there foam in the fillings?

All foam or latex in the UK must be treated with fire retardants (approximate 5%-15% of its weight) or graphite to meet the UK law. We do not use foams at all and if we use latex we treat with graphite (which is a mineral) to pass UK regulations.

Are spray adhesives used in the manufacture?

All our fillings are sewn together by hand using flax twine.  We use no spray adhesives.


Cottonsafe®  Simply natural.

The first cotton-based material in the world to pass Crib 5 of the fire regulations. Without chemicals.

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