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K. Elliot Vegan Value Bed Mattress 25/02/2019

I love my new mattress. I was hunting for a vegan, natural and chemical-free mattress, so was delighted when I came across your website. Needless to say I have not been disappointed. It is so comfortable and warm, and of course, I can sleep well in the knowledge that I am not breathing in nasty chemicals. Thank you for producing them.

A. Lowdon Vegan Value Bed Mattress 25/02/2019

The mattress is incredibly comfortable and we love it.

Frankie Smither Original Children’s Mattress 22/02/2019

I purchased my two children a Cottonsafe organic children’s mattress each and they have been fantastic. The boys sleep so soundly and I am so relieved to know they aren’t breathing in dangerous chemicals. Fantastic value for money as discount was provided by purchasing two and customer service we’re quick to answer my questions and organise delivery on a day I needed. We are now saving to replace our own mattress which I hope we can do this year. Thanks cottonsafe team!

Anna TradLux Futomat 20/01/2019

It’s the second Futomat mattress I’ve ordered from you – it’s extremely comfortable to sleep on, supportive but not too hard. It’s not easy to find a mattress without chemical flame retardants – with most furniture you don’t even get told when they are added.

The TradLux Futomat price is reasonable, the quality very good and communication about delivery has been good.

The only thing I would have liked is some handles on the side to help when turning the mattress.

C. Taylor Cottonsafe® Mattress Topper 03/01/2019

The mattress topper has all the qualities I was looking for and the service was excellent. I know where I’ll buy a full-sized futon from when I can! For now the toppers make a real difference. I know, I bought three… One when I had to turn a sofa-bed into a regular bed (it is so much more comfortable), a second came to the rescue when my son got given a bed with a foam mattress that made him too hot and I bought a third one at Christmas for our other sofa-bed: it passed the test, so much so that my brother is considering that it would be the solution for his bed. Of course our sofa is now much better to sit on too…

S.C Vegan Choice Bed Mattress 12/11/2018

Received my mattress safely on Wednesday and just popped on the bed! It smells and feels GORGEOUS. I love it

D. Perkins Appledore Bed Mattress 25/10/2018

We recently bought an Appledore king size mattress with a Newton oak bed frame and have been delighted with both. The mattress appeared at first to be slightly on the firm side but blissful sleep and waking up free from aches and pains has shown it to be providing the perfect level of support for both of us, despite our being of differing heights and weights.

We have just purchased another king size Newton oak bed frame for the spare room. The finish is lovely and the quality of the construction means there is no need for a supporting leg underneath.

Mark at Cottonsafe is a pleasure to deal with and we are very satisfied with our puchases and with the customer service provided.

J. Gilson Vegan Value Bed Mattress 08/10/2018

What a fabulous product. Thanks for the best sleep I’ve had in years. And knowing that I’m sleeping on natural fibres is very reassuring. Everything about this purchase was a pleasure – the mattress, the communication and the delivery. I would definitely buy from Cottonsafe Natural Mattress again.

C. Sleigh Vegan Choice Bed Mattress 14/08/2018

We were thrilled to find that good quality vegan mattresses are handmade locally – we’d looked around and not found very many at all – but this one is free from wool, silk and any other animal products. Night time and sleep is so important: every night, we appreciate the supportive comfort that the mattress gives and the quality it brings to a third of our lifetime! It really does make that much difference. So thanks for making a brilliantly comfortable mattress, and thank you for making it cruelty-free. We are very happy with it.

S. Vine-Tester Budleigh Bed Mattress 29/06/2018

We love our mattress; we love its physical comfort, and we love the feeling of knowing that our bed has congruence with our ethics.

H. Duke Latex Futon Mattress 27/06/2018

Thank you so much for our mattress, it arrived today, early in the morning so we did not have to wait around which was perfect! We had a bit of a rest on it and we LOVE it! It is our engagement present to ourselves and we are very happy.

Thank you very much for making such beautiful quality ethically sound, chemical free products

F. Church Original Children’s Mattresses 25/06/2018

Received today. Impressed with service and delivery timethe delivery people were accommodating with regards to not being able to be in a certain time.

Thank you for an excellent buying experience. I’m sure my son will love his new big boy mattress and I will feel safe in the knowledge it’s chemical free!

Mr & Mrs McNaughtan Dartmouth Bed Mattress 22/06/2018

Some years back, (seemingly) like many couples, we were talked into buying a firmer mattress than was actually required. After an extensive search for a replacement, we were recommended to Cottonsafe by a Devon based family member, who told us he just ‘couldn’t wait to get to bed at night’. We were intrigued by such a high endorsement, and took the trouble to drive down from South West London to visit your showroom in Devon. We met with Mark who was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. After talking us through the different options, we decided that a medium Dartmouth was adequate for our needs. We also chose to order a Luxury Topper but frankly this was an unnecessary purchase as the Dartmouth is supremely comfortable as is. The Topper has gone straight to the guest bedroom where it has also been receiving rave reviews. It’s always nice to come across quality, ethical products from an independent local business.

L. Rook Budleigh Bed Mattress 22/06/2018

My wife and I are extremely satisfied with our mattress, it is the most comfortable bed we have slept on and exceeds expectations. The quality, natural feel and smell are brilliant and it is fantastic knowing we are sleeping in an organic chemical-free environment. I highly recommend anyone to invest the time in getting an organic, well-made mattress like this, every night we are reminded of its quality and comfort.

J. Wintrip Vegan Choice Bed Mattress 21/06/2018

My wife and I were looking for a new mattress, but it was impossible to find a quality sprung mattress free of animal products because they all contained wool. We were therefore very pleased to discover that the Vegan Choice had just become available and had no hesitation in ordering one. We are very happy with our purchase. It is an extremely comfortable mattress, which we would recommend to vegans and non-vegans alike.

M. Moseley-Brown Dartmouth Bed Mattress 21/06/2018

Excellent service and wonderful products. There are so many mattresses out there that are detrimental to our health. Cotton safe have done an amazing amount of research to make sure that we can have a good, safe night’s sleep. There are no nasty chemicals to breathe in and the comfort is next to none. All my family now sleep on their products. I could not consciously pass on my old (expensive) mattresses as I now know them to be potentially dangerous products because they had fire retardants in them. I keep telling all of my friends to contact Cotton Safe as soon as possible. My husband says that “It is like sleeping on a flock of sheep – wonderful!!” This company should be your number one choice for a comfortable, safe mattress.

We are now saving up for the sofa and armchairs!

M. Gradaille Children’s Mattresses 21/06/2018

The customer service was really good right from the beginning till the mattress was delivered. Even the guys who delivered was very friendly and nice.

Their advised on the right product and their updates on delivery were just brilliant.

The product itself is also very good. You can tell the materials used are high quality and our daughter is very happy and sleeping comfortably.

N & C Wood Topsham Bed Mattress 19/06/2018

The Topsham mattress is a superb product. It is extremely comfortable, and it’s reassuring that there are no fire-retardant chemicals. We were really pleased with the delivery of the mattress and the topper (also a high-quality product). Thank you for your excellent service.

K. Ring Children’s Mattresses 18/06/2018

Generally very happy with the mattresses. Only 1 has been slept on so far as we bought them for a bunkbed but my younger daughter is still in a cot for a few more months. My 3 year old seems very comfortable on her’s and it certainly seems to act as a good temperature regulator (much warmer than her old mattress for the first few chilly weeks that we had it). We did need to open her windows a lot the first few weeks to get rid of the funny smell but I didn’t mind too much as I knew it was a natural one rather than some horrible chemical smell.

Hopefully they will last for many years to come.

M. Marshall Topsham Bed Mattress 18/06/2018

The mattresses are superb…so comfortable and we have a much better sleep since their purchase.

T. Wood Dartmouth Bed Mattress 14/06/2018

The mattress is the most comfortable mattress we have ever had and without the issues associated with the big name memory foam brands. No more sore arms, backs or hips. You really notice the difference when you sleep in another bed! It’s definitely been a worthwhile investment.

M. Olivier Children’s Mattresses 14/06/2018

I purchased two Original Children’s Mattresses and Protectors for my sons age 4 and 6. Pre-sales questions were answered promptly and delivery was smooth. The mattresses were for a bunk bed and fitted perfectly. They are very comfortable and of excellent quality! It was important to my family to get chemical free mattresses so I have no hesitation in recommending Cottonsafe.

Also pleased to report that one “accident” did not leak through to the mattress thanks to the protectors which are neither noisy or hot like other brands.

Joe Children’s Mattresses 12/06/2018

We’re really happy. We bought a single for our little one after researching and realising that the price difference wasn’t huge. The more natural the better and we were surprised that this mattress is more comfortable than our own!

E. Lusty Children’s Mattresses 12/06/2018

I was so happy to find a reasonably priced mattress for our 7 year old’s new bed. So far, he is sleeping well, and the room has never had that revolting chemical smell that new mattresses usually bring.

I hope your company does well and that more people hear about your lovely products.

B. Weeks Children’s Mattresses 12/06/2018

We absolutely love our son’s new mattress! It is so comfortable and we have the wonderful peace of mind that he is sleeping on a completely chemical-free bed.

Delivery was swift and customer service excellent!

We only wish we could afford to buy ourselves an adult one too!

T. Kegozzi Children’s Mattresses 10/06/2018

We are very happy with the quality of the mattress, it is extremely comfortable and my son sleeps very well on it. It keeps him warm in the winter, releasing healthy heat. Also, we are reassured by the fact it does not contain any harmful chemicals.

I think a removable, washable cover should be supplied with it though.

Our feedback is definitely positive, thank you so much for such a great product!

J. Rigley Appledore Bed Mattress 07/06/2018

We have been totally happy with the mattress, even though it was our first wool one. It did smell a bit ‘woolly’ for the first couple of weeks, especially if sleeping face down, but it wasn’t offputting! I find it very comfortable and have previously been uncomfortable on sprung and memory foam mattresses. I do sometimes still get hot flushes in the night (though not as much as with the memory foam), but I know that is down to me, not the mattress.

S. Cooper Pure Choice Bed Mattress 07/06/2018

My Husband Ged and I are very happy with the Pure Choice Mattress. It is top quality, really comfortable and has a surface softness with firm under support. However, best of all, it has no nasty chemical smell that we have had with previous mattresses. We love it!

L. Hodson Children’s Mattresses 06/06/2018

I think the mattresses are fantastic. The children have sleep much better and longer in the morning since we changed to them! My daughter has asthma and eczema so is reassuring to know there are no chemicals she’s being exposed to. Very happy.

The protectors are also great and have caught a few spills, perfectly protecting the mattress and they are easy to wash and great they can be tumble dried. Would highly recommend.

J. Moumene Children’s Mattresses 05/06/2018

We are very happy with both items which were bought for my now 3 year old as she moved to a single bed.

The mattress is very comfortable (even when I lie with her in the evening to sing and say good night) and has not changed its shape and I love the natural smell of it.

The mattress protector is very good and reliable, feels soft but helps protect the mattress at the same time against any accidents.

We are very happy with the product we bought as well as the purchase and delivery process and would absolutely recommend you as a company and your products.

G. Darlow Children’s Mattresses 05/06/2018

I ordered two Alpaca European size mattresses for my twins. They arrived very well packaged and at the time specified.

We turn the mattresses each week and have noticed each time we remove the bottom sheet we do get a little bit of hair loss I presume that is to be expected with a natural mattress.

Both my children to the best of a three year olds ability have said they are very comfortable and snuggly! I have also tested them and can definitely agree they are comfortable a bit soft for me but as they are aimed at children the support is enough for them.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this company.

G. Roylance Children’s Mattresses 31/05/2018

We purchased the alpaca mattress for my 4 year old son’s new midsleeper bed and it has been fantastic! He only started sleeping through the night at 3 so we were nervous that a new bed/mattress might throw off his progress.

After researching and settling on a Cottonsafe mattress, we were so pleased when it arrived that it was very comfortable after trying it ourselves as well as having almost no scent. We previously tried a mattress from Little Green Sheep but found it too hard and it had a slightly unpleasant odor. At this point it has been several months and my son sleeps through the night consistently. We will be ordering another Cottonsafe mattress for his baby sister when the time is right.

J. Dyer Children’s Mattresses 25/05/2018

Amazing mattresses! My daughters both love their mattresses. Extremely comfortable, soft and warm. The mattresses did have a “biscuit ” smell initially due to the unbleached natural materials used but this did subside after a few weeks. Customer service staff where very helpful regarding this matter, sending alternative mattress samples which arrive the following day and also offered a refund if I wanted to return the mattresses. Really happy I decided to keep them. My daughters now sleep throughout the night in their own beds and I have peace of mind that their mattresses have no toxic materials unlike standard mattresses. I will be purchasing another mattress for myself in the future. Highly recommended this product. Fast convenient delivery and friendly staff.

A. Vaissi Children’s Mattresses 24/05/2018

We love the mattress and would highly recommend it to anyone who prefers more natural bedding.

O. Clark Appledore Bed Mattress 24/05/2018

We bought the mattresses for two of our children, and they are reporting that they are very comfortable!

K. Venner Children’s Mattresses 23/05/2018

I am very happy with both my single mattress purchases. My 4 year old loves his bunk beds and is very cosy snuggling into his mattress every night. There has been the odd night where I have had to help him sleep and I find the mattress very comfortable too!

Would happily recommend them to others and I love the fact they are fully safe and meet all fire safety standards and are also made from natural materials which means my son does not breath in nasty chemicals while sleeping.

J. Lester Vegan Choice Bed Mattress 23/05/2018

I love my vegan mattress. It is so comfortable I find excuses to go to bed early.

G. Whiteley Vegan Choice Bed Mattress 22/05/2018

Both myself and my wife are highly delighted with our Vegan Choice Mattress. As soon as we both sat and then lay on it, we knew that it was the right choice. It is very comfortable and seems to mould to your body shape. The mattress supports your body, but not at the cost of being too firm. We have both slept really well on it.

I damaged my spine in a car accident in 1976 and have great difficulty lying on my back, but have found that this mattress’ supportive feel enables me to spend more time on my back. This is doubly important as, due to my arthritis, I am unable to lay on my right side for more than a couple of minutes or so, and have, consequently, been restricted to resting on my left side, which becomes progressively uncomfortable. The mattress has liberated me from this.

We would both enthusiastically recommend the Vegan Choice Mattress to anyone, be they vegan or otherwise.

L. Allam Pure Choice Bed Mattress 22/05/2018

I have been using my Pure Choice Double 4’6 Medium Spring Firmness Mattress for several months now.

From day one, I saw, felt, and enjoyed the difference it made to my sleeping experience.

So happy with it and glad I made the decision to buy one.

The company were easy to deal with, without any hassle, delivery on time, would certainly recommend this product and company to anyone wishing to improve their sleeping experience.

Well done Cottonsafe for creating such a safe and natural product that can only help our basic need to enjoy a goods nights sleep – without any harmful toxic effects.

G. Sarson Children’s Mattresses 18/05/2018

The mattress was bought for my five year old grand-daughter, under strict instructions from my daughter, who rates your products very highly. Said grand-daughter seems to agree!

G. Lloyd-Williams Appledore Bed Mattress 18/05/2018

Very happy with this product for my son, he says it is amazingly comfortable, also good delivery and service, definitely recommend to anyone wanting a non toxic mattress.

J. O’Brien Children’s Mattresses 17/05/2018

I am delighted to tell you how pleased I am with the mattress which I bought from you in October.

I purchased my son’s mattress from you as he was moving from a cot to a single bed. My husband and I had recently bought a conventional mattress for ourselves and I was horrified at the toxic small which it emitted for weeks. I was not going to risk the same for my 3 year old. He loves his mattress, and seems very comfortable at night. He has a pillow and duvet form Devon duvets (sheep fleece), so initially he smelled like a little lamb by the morning, but this caused no problems!

I look forward to the day I can justify replacing my mattress, and those of my other 2 kids. I will certainly source them from yourselves if possible. Thank you for offering such a great product.

L. Turner Budleigh Bed Mattress 17/05/2018

We are very pleased with the bed. It has a cosy quality that we have not experienced in previous beds. We have found it easy to turn which we do regularly. Have recommended it to family and friends when they are next buying a bed.

M. Bragg Children’s Mattresses 16/05/2018

Thank you for your email. We bought the mattress for our little girl when she moved from a cot bed into a single bed and she absolutely loves it. It is super comfortable and cozy, she sleeps better than she has ever soon done before.

I have always worried about chemicals in children’s bedding and take such comfort that she is on a safe mattress and not breathing in chemicals every time she goes to sleep. I have your water proof mattress protector which I would also like to praise as it really does work and again is not full of harmful chemicals.

We are due our 2nd baby in a week and when he/she moves into a bed I will be buying another mattress from you.


I have just looked on your website again and see that you do a cot bed mattress which I didn’t know, I thought you only did single size. I will be ordering a cot-bed size within the next 6 months, once our 2nd baby is born and moves from the crib into a cot.

G. Coggins Children’s Mattresses 16/05/2018

I’m a very happy customer and although some Alpaca hair has come out, ultimately I am pleased with the mattress for my little one!

J. Walkington Children’s Mattresses 16/05/2018

I’m delighted with the mattress. Really glad to have found a natural, non-toxic product that’s also comfortable.

N. Webb Appledore Bed Mattress 16/05/2018

Very comfy and happy with our purchases thank you. Prob order another single at some point as my little girl got a rock hard one from a different company couple years ago. Once yours arrived realised how awful hers is!

C. MacGregor Budleigh Bed Mattress 16/05/2018

I am happy to confirm that I absolutely adore my budleigh natural mattress. It guarantees me a very comfortable sleep every night plus I have peace of mind that it doesn’t have any nasty chemicals!

Thank you very much for offering such a great product.

A. Spicer Children’s Mattresses 26/04/2018

We are really pleased with the mattress and it is such great quality. Our 5 year old daughter sleeps so well on it, usually for 12 solid hours a night so I would say the proof is in the pudding!

Thank you for the lovely product

F. Weaver Appledore Bed Mattress 25/04/2018

Thank you for your mattress. It is wonderful! We’re enjoying luxuriating in its comfortable arms! I recommend it to anyone and have also stocked our holiday Cabin with a king size one that gets rave reviews from our guests. See here –

I. Lyra Appledore Bed Mattress 25/04/2018

The mattress is great and I love that it’s all natural. It’s very comfortable and I am 100% satisfied with it.

S. Taylor Children’s Mattresses 25/04/2018

We’ve been extremely happy with our mattresses. We bought them for our children (aged 2 and 4) and they’ve slept brilliantly on them since day one.

There was no horrible chemical smell when we opened them up (as you get with many ‘standard’ mattresses) and we feel so much happier knowing the kids aren’t breathing in flame retardants for 10 hours of every day!

At some point we will need to switch our own mattress and will definitely look at Cottonsafe first.

Many thanks for a fantastic product!

K. Flower Pocket Sprung Futomat 23/03/2018

I have the futomat and I really love it! 🙂 It’s perfect. I’m so happy your company exists! ❤

K. Dorrance Appledore Bed Mattress 20/03/2018

Just wanted to let you know how much we love our new mattress. We came down from the Midlands to test them out. You still can’t really tell until you’ve slept on them for a few weeks. Well it’s passed my husbands test as he actually wakes up without an aching back and I’ve found it extremely comfortable.

S. G Children’s Mattresses 16/03/2018

The mattress arrived today as you said and we are very happy with it indeed. Great product. Thanks for everything.

R. Archer Children’s Mattresses 15/03/2018

Mattress had been received, both me and my son are very happy with it! Thank you for providing not only an excellent product, but also customer service that has been second to none! Very kind Regards

H. Siltanen Appledore Bed Mattress 12/02/2018

The mattress is great; very comfortable. And I am happy that it isn’t doused with toxic chemicals. The delivery was fast and prompt, all in all I am very happy with the quality of the mattress and the service/delivery, would definitely recommend Cottonsafe® to friends and family.

E. Zitkova Children’s Mattresses 21/01/2018

We have received the mattress and are absolutely delighted with it! It’s only been 2 nights but our daughter has slept soundly both times, which is not the usual (:

M. Wallace Children’s Mattresses 12/01/2018

My daughter reports that the mattress is very comfortable (after adding a mattress topper to soften it) and she is very happy with it – big improvement on her previous aging mattress!

Mrs B Appledore Bed Mattress 26/11/2017

I purchased an Appledore mattress a few months ago and I’m very happy with it. It’s comfortable and well-made. I was looking for a chemical- free mattress, and this product is ideal. The sheep smell was quite strong initially (reassuringly so perhaps!) but it has disappeared now.

The only negative is that the mattress (which we bought in super king size) is very heavy but the delivery men were amazing at carrying it up eight floors to our flat.

I would happily recommend this company to others. Great product and service.

RP Children’s Mattresses 24/11/2017

I have tried single mattresses from Little Green Sheep and Naturalmat and I returned them both. They weren’t comfortable and the smell of latex was overpowering. The Little Green Sheep mattress had my child itching constantly for reasons i am not sure of. I spent months researching the best mattress for my child and in the end i chose the Cottonsafe children’s mattress. In short it’s great. Quality build, comfortable, doesn’t smell horrible. I opted for the Alpaca wool version as i wasn’t sure if sheeps wool was the cause of my childs itching with those other mattresses. My child loves it.

I was so pleased with this mattress that i ordered an adult mattress from Cottonsafe shortly afterwards.

RP Pure Choice Bed Mattress 24/11/2017

I bought the firm spring version of this mattress. We got it as a clearance deal, ex-display.

It is a quality mattress. Very well put together. Looks good, doesn’t smell of chemicals. I have a child’s mattress by this company and i highly recommend them.

The reason this mattress gets a 4 stars is because it is very firm. Mattress firmness preference is a very subjective thing but this mattress is the firmest I have ever had. It’s great if you lay on your back. Really great. but not so great when you lay on your side. It doesn’t feel as comfortable. It should soften over time. If it doesn’t I might buy a mattress topper.

In hindsight i would have chosen the medium firmness, but then that option wasn’t available on clearance.

I’ll be buying all my future mattresses from this company. No more chemical nonsense in mattresses for my family.

Tom D. TradLux Futomat 13/11/2017

Order arrived on time. Futomat looks and feels great. I particularly love the natural smell. Very comfortable and a good size. If i can ever afford to upgrade to a bigger apartment, I look forward to purchasing one of your larger mattresses or futomats.

J. Waugh Appledore Bed Mattress 06/11/2017

I’ve been sleeping on my new mattress for several weeks now and couldn’t be more pleased with it. Right from the start it`s been very comfortable and at the same time I feel as though my whole body is being supported. The result is that my sleep has improved. And the fact that the mattress is made from natural materials gives me a lot of reassurance. I’m very satisfied that I made the right choice in purchasing the Appledore mattress.

Many thanks for a great product.

R & M Craig Appledore Bed Mattress 02/11/2017

Really pleased with the mattresses and service received. Mattresses lovely and firm.

P.Ayres Appledore Bed Mattress & Children’s Mattresses 02/11/2017

The mattresses are so beautiful thank you. We are delighted with them and my children say they are so comfy and warm. I would like to get one for us soon and I have told my parents and they are planning on getting one too!

What a wonderful product.

Thank you.

S. Wright Appledore Bed Mattress 01/11/2017

We are delighted with our Appledore mattress and would definitely recommend it, and your company, to anyone.

The mattress is very warm and snug to lie on and, with the addition of your topper, extremely comfortable. We both suffer from chemical sensitivities so knowing that it has been manufactured without any harsh chemicals is a huge bonus too.

J. Pulver Pure Choice Bed Mattress 01/11/2017

We are very pleased with the purchase.

The mattress is very comfortable. Not too hard,not too soft – just perfect!

The whole idea of it being chemical free and healthy for us is great. I really am happy with the purchase and would recommend it to anyone.

I also appreciate the customer care and the opportunity to chat online and ask my questions before buying the mattress.

Overall 5 stars 🙂

C. Clifford-Moore Appledore Bed Mattress 31/10/2017

I have been sleeping on my new Appledore mattress for a month now and am very pleased with it. The sheepy smell didn’t last long and I found it quite comforting (no chemicals). It is very comfortable and cosy and also good support so my back is feeling a lot better. Thank you Cottonsafe.

C. Dines Cocoloc Futomat 13/09/2017

We really are enjoying our mattress. I love knowing I am not breathing in toxic chemicals whilst I sleep. My bed feels like a real refuge away from the madness out in the world! I think that our enthusiasm may rub off on other family members and they may be in touch with you.

Thank you for your creations.

H. Michael Appledore Bed Mattress 13/09/2017

I recently bought an Appledore mattress for my 11 year old niece and I just wanted to let you know how pleased we both are with it. It’s well made and so comfortable!

Thank you very much for a quality mattress without any nasty chemicals.

N. Hinchliffe Appledore Bed Mattress 11/09/2017

Just wanted to drop you a line to say we are extremely happy with our new mattress so far. It’s great quality and although I would say it’s not as firm as we are used to, it’s certainly very comfortable. You’ve been fantastic to deal with throughout our many questions. So thank you.

Mrs. R Appledore Bed Mattress 24/07/2017

I just wanted to send you a quick email to say thank you so much for our fabulous Appledore mattresses and Cottonsafe mattress toppers. We slept on them for the first time last night and they really are wonderfully comfortable and supportive; I’m absolutely thrilled with them. Great service and fantastic quality product so a big thanks again from up here in the far north of Scotland!

C. Shaw Cocoloc Futomat 24/07/2017

I am very happy with my futon and the service you provided. It was easy to find your factory shop and test out the mattresses and the transaction was very smooth. A very nice courier delivered the futon having found me without a problem. I am now enjoying sleeping on it!

C. Banks TradLux Futomat 12/07/2017

It made Nall the difference to see your futons.

My Cottonsafe® futon arrived punctually by courier and was easy to get up the stairs because the rolled up futon mattress was inside two large extra strong clear plastic bag.

Really easy to move up the stairs.

The futon is fantastic with a lovely natural smell.

What difference it makes not having all those awful artificial chemicals.

I liked the Luxury handmade in Devon UK label very much indeed.

I was really chuffed to see the lovely fabric Union Jack flag at the end of the Futon where it says naturally fire proof.

Wonderful product with the Cottonsafe® cover that is thick and very good quality.

I have had a very good nights sleep on the Futon.

I have told my friends what a great futon I have from you. So I hope they call you about your Cottonsafe® mattresses and Futons.

J. Wraight Children’s Mattresses 29/06/2017

I bought two children’s mattresses for my daughter’s trundle bed and can’t praise them enough. Not only are they totally safe to sleep on but they are also very comfortable, even for me with my dodgy hip! I absolutely love them, it’s such a relief to have found a chemical free alternative for my daughter to sleep on, and they are very reasonably priced. As another reviewer mentioned, I also love the smell of them! Thank you for lovely mattresses and for an honest, friendly service.

E. Mee Appledore Bed Mattress 09/05/2017

We purchased a king-sized cottonsafe mattress around 5 weeks ago when our previous mattress was making me wake up aching in my hips and lower back (despite being a really good brand and only 4 years old). The new mattress didn’t feel different immediately, but within a week I felt much better in the mornings. I now sleep more soundly and am more comfortable on my side – although my husband hasn’t noticed any difference at all! I’m also pleased to have eradicated the chemicals and fire retardants from our bedroom. Thanks for a great product!

H. Trebar Pure Choice Bed Mattress 13/04/2017

I am very pleased with the mattress. Particularly with the fact that I don’t have to worry about any heavy chemicals. It is also comfy and looks of high quality!

A. Christie-Miller Dartmouth Bed Mattress 10/04/2017

The Cottonsafe® mattress you sent us is absolutely wonderful. We loved the smell of it when it arrived (it had a kind of farm smell- but in a good way!), and it is amazingly comfortable. It’s also been great for my wife’s allergies. We both sleep so well on it and it somehow makes our new home feel more homely!

A. Stirling Children’s Mattresses 20/03/2017

So far so good. My little one seems to sleep soundly on the new mattress. It’s much more comfortable than his old one, but most importantly it give me peace of mind knowing he’s not swimming in a sea of chemicals! We bought two to go on our kids’ bunk bed, so when the youngest moves out of his cot he’ll sleep on the other one.

Thanks for your services.

T. van Beers Appledore Bed Mattress 20/03/2017

We love our mattress, in fact after ordering the King Size bed and mattress we realized we needed Super King and bought the same again in the larger size. The mattress is very comfortable and our 1 year old sleeps very well on it too! (Always a bonus for a good night’s sleep ?) It is very heavy so turning it is done about once every few months but that’s only a small price to pay for comfort

K. Adam Widecombe Bed Mattress 17/03/2017

So, I spent a long time researching mattresses before choosing this one. I have had problems with insomnia all of my adult life so really wanted to get this right. I also, more recently, have become aware of toxic chemicals that are in our cleaning products, toiletries and our furniture. I have spent the last couple of years trying to minimise the chemicals in our home by changing over to natural products where possible. I wanted to change our mattress and became aware of the natural mattress industry, however soon realised that many mattresses that claim to be “natural” are actually treated with toxic chemicals; this is because of fire safety regulations. In other words, these companies don’t have any choice (or they think they don’t) as they have to meet with these regulations and use these nasty chemicals on their mattresses. As we spend so much time on our mattresses I thought it was really important to avoid chemicals and I also wanted comfort to help with my sleep. That’s when I discovered Cottonsafe®. They seem to be the only UK company that I could find whose mattresses are genuinely natural. This is due to the Cottonsafe® material that they have developed that is naturally fire retardant. I hesitated for a long time, probably a year or so, before I decided to purchase. I basically tried to see if I could find a cheaper option. I was worried that I might spend all this money and be disappointed. Eventually I decided to buy. This was following a bad bout of insomnia. The mattress I had been sleeping on was a memory foam one, which basically caused me to overheat all the time. I would wake up “on fire” and wouldn’t be able to get back to sleep. I knew this was caused by the memory foam so I decided to take the plunge and buy the new mattress. I have been sleeping on the Widecombe mattress for around 2 months at the time of writing this review and I am happy to say that I am over the moon with it. It is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I love it and I am sleeping liking a baby. This might sound a bit dramatic but it’s actually changed my life. No more waking up hot and uncomfortable and I can now function normally after a good nights sleep. It just does the job it’s supposed to do and without myself and my partner being exposed to nasty chemicals. The company were great to deal with and from the point of order our mattress arrived in less than 2 weeks. Giving us a specific time slot too. So if you’re hesitating I hope this review will help you make a decision. I can’t recommend this mattress enough.

P. Fennell Widecombe Bed Mattress 16/03/2017

I bought this mattress for my adult son and he says it’s the best night sleep he`s had for a long time and he is glad we bought.
Before I bought it he done a lot of research into getting a new mattress and your company came out the best.

Y. Hristova Children’s Mattresses 14/03/2017

I am very happy to review your product! We bought two children’s mattress because of our baby daughter’s severe reaction to the fire retardants in the regular mattresses. We found out about her intolerance when we moved to live in the UK. In most EU countries mattresses are not treated with anything, they are made of layers of foam basically. When we moved here, our daughter started having severe bouts of hives when going to bed. At first we thought it was the food, then we thought it was the water, then the weather and so on. We excluded all possible reasons when the last thing to eliminate was the mattress. We slept without mattresses and without sofas for a month (don’t ask how!). And guess what?! All hives disappeared!!! No more drugs, no more Emergency rooms, no more sick child.

Then we found out about Cottonsafe®. Their philosophy and the owner’s take on the mattress industry is what made me choose their product. Also, the price was very good compared to similar products. And with other “organic” mattresses I couldn’t be sure what’s really inside. With Cotton safe I know.

The mattresses themselves are very well made, with wool and cotton layers inside and very high quality cotton sheet on the outside. Don’t expect a fluffy mattress like the ones with foam though. The Cottonsafe® mattresses are thick but naturally comfortable. The children LOVE them! The mattresses remind me of my grand parents old mattresses used on spring bed bases in the past. Excellent products, the price is well worth it!

Thank you and keep up the good work!

L. Green Children’s Mattresses 14/03/2017

We love our cottonsafe mattresses. The delivery was very quick and the packaging was minimal, which was great. Both our children are sleeping really well on the mattresses. Our 3 year old has been leaving our bed to return to his own bed, which he says is more comfortable, so that is a definite seal of approval!

Thanks for the great service

M. Etherton Children’s Mattress 14/03/2017

We love the children’s mattress Alot!!! The futon was far too hard so we have had to buy a latex topper. The sofa bed is crazy noisy just to sit and turn over, it also has a raised middle which means you can’t sleep on that area of the bed. We will not be keeping the Base as it really isn’t suitable for everyday use. I wish this had been explained to us.

C. Hunter Children’s Mattress 14/03/2017

We are super happy with the mattress. My son loves it and he seems to sleep much better than he used to.

I even recommended it to a friend, who purchased two from you.

I love the fact that I bought from a family run business and that the mattress was safe and organic at such a reasonable price. Communication was amazing and delivery was very easy.

Thank you. I will be recommending you to others.

C. Cunningham Children’s Mattresses 14/03/2017

After a lot of research online about the high level of toxic materials that go into a standard mattresses (which is quite frankly frightening) and some conversations with Jessica via their online chat facility (great idea by the way) about what would be best for us I decided to buy two single mattresses for my children age 3 and 6 and I was not disappointed from there. Free and speedy delivery to the quality and comfort of the mattresses my son has honestly never slept better (money well spent right there) and I know how comfortable they are from first hand experience after spending a night on one with my sick 3 year old daughter as soon as I can afford it I shall be investing in a king size mattress form myself because they are just fantastic. It’s lovely to know this is small UK based company I love supporting local business and my children are sleeping on safe non toxic materials.

Thanks for all your help

S. Lewis Children’s Mattresses 14/03/2017

The mattresses arrived on time and very well packaged, thanks. They’re now on the children’s beds and are perfect. The kids tell me that they’re comfortable and I’m happy knowing that the mattresses are safe and natural with no strong smell or off-gassing.

R. Crocker Children’s Mattress 13/03/2017

I am very happy with the mattress I ordered from you in November. It has been comfortable for our guests to sleep on, and it was very reassuring to know that the sleepers would not be breathing in any chemicals. I will be ordering a futon from you next!

K. Picking Children’s Mattress 13/03/2017

We are very pleased with the mattress, my son finds it really comfortable, it is soft, yet not too soft. My son has not had any reactions to the mattress and there were no off gassing issues. Would definately recommend to others.

E. Morris Appledore Bed Mattress 09/03/2017

We are very pleased with the mattress. We cosleep with our baby so knowing that it is free of toxic chemicals is very important to us, as is having a firm mattress. We have found it very comfortable too.

M. Bianca Widecombe Bed Mattress 09/03/2017

We absolutely love our mattress. I’m really impressed by the quality of the material & finishing. I didn’t think that it smelled too woolly when it arrived but any residual smell disappeared very quickly. It’s extremely comfortable yet secure. I was very nervous ordering, firstly because I was buying such an expensive item online without being able to get to a showroom and secondly because I’ve never tried a wool mattress before, but it’s turned out to be the most comfortable mattress both of us have slept on. I’ve had no reactions despite being a sufferer of eczema (the reason I didn’t want chemicals or fire retardants) and have an allergy to animals… I’m beyond pleased with my purchase 🙂

S. de Carvalho Children’s Mattresses 09/03/2017

They feel comfortable for me having tested it out but they are guest beds and haven’t received any real use yet! But I love that they are natural and they are soft and cosy. With no fumes etc as other conventional mattresses have.

A. Richardson Children’s Mattress 09/03/2017

My son is my most important treasure and sleeps 10 – 11 hours a day. He grows mentally and physically while he sleeps so a mattress has got to be the best (safest, most natural and comfortable but supportive enough for growing bones) I can afford, in my opinion.

The Mattress has been wonderful. I am very happy about the fact that I know my son is sleeping on a safe comfortable surface and has slept very deeply on it ever since we got it. He loves it. he has grown considerably taller since we got it too!

Definitely an extremely good value for money mattress and I would have no hesitation in recommending it to other parents. I will certainly be buying again from you as this mattress would cost considerably more elsewhere – and I did my research!

M. Levitt Appledore Bed Mattress 09/03/2017

The quality of the mattress is excellent and should last my little girl for many, many years. As she is only 3 stone in weight she hasn’t made any dent in it so it’ll remain a firm mattress for quite a while! I like the lavender bag on it too! It’s hard work lifting it to make the bed but I’d rather that than it be inferior quality ?.

C. Potter Widecombe Bed Mattress 09/03/2017

The mattress arrived on time. It must be comfy because I don’t think about it. And I certainly would think about it if it wasn’t comfy.

I also went on to buy a wool mattress protector, but that was only in case my son wet the bed. I also bought a woollen duvet, so I think I am like a pig in mud or a sheep in a blanket, or pig in blanket.

Or I could just say that the mattress I really well made and extremely comfortable. And that I would both buy from you again and recommend your company.

Thank you for my well made mattress.

A. Roberts Appledore Bed Mattress 09/03/2017

It’s thick, beautifully made and is incredibly comfortable. My daughter absolutely loves it and it is pleasant for us to lie on it with her at bedtime when she’s reading her books out loud. I very much appreciate the construction that does not include chemical fire retardants. It was good to be offered a money-back guarantee but we can assure you it will not be coming back to you!

We may well come back to you for another one in the near future.

C. Bruce Pure Choice Bed Mattress 09/03/2017

I absolutely love it ! By far the best & most comfortable mattress I’ve ever slept on.
I’m particularly grateful for it as I’m seriously ill & spend a lot of time in bed.

A. Taudevin Pure Choice Bed Mattress 09/03/2017

The mattress is incredibly comfortable and being completely natural I have no concerns at all about my daughter spending so many hours in it.


M. Searle Latex Cotton Rich Futon Mattress 23/02/2017

After enduring mattress after mattress with back problem to back problem waking up constantly through the night finally, our futon with cotton, wool and inner latex layers arrived!!!

Best nights sleep in a long, long time, my back is getting used to straightening up again and for the first time I slept soundly all through the night.

The quality is wonderful and you can unzip to see all the lovely layers.

Keeps cool through the night and wasn’t as heavy as I expected which is great as we move around a lot and will have it in our campervan when travelling!

Amazing customer service, so friendly and was kept up to date throughout the process.

Now I can sleep with the comforting thought of no chems! All natural and sustainable and to know those lovely little sheepies have a fair and happy life!

Yay for cottonsafe!

Recommended to EVERYONE!

I. Stupar Pocket Sprung Futomat 20/01/2017

The whole process from gathering information to finally being able to sleep on my new futon sprung mat was extremely satisfying.

I knew I wanted a new mattress without any chemicals and any hidden substances added in the process. I soon realised the price range goes in thousands. Then I found your futon sprung mat but wanted to be certain about a quality of sleep in comparison to a mattress. Although I found most of the information on your website I found it really useful to be able to ask additional questions over a live chat.

After I was completely happy with my choice I placed order and was very excited for my futon to arrive. Delivery was arranged exactly as it was agreed and the courier was very friendly.

Most of all, I was surpised by the look of the futon because it was really thick and very nicely made.
After a couple nights of sleep I can say it feels like sleeping on a cloud, it’s pleasant and cozy, it gives good support to my back but at the same time my body sinks nicely into it. I also like the odour of wool, it’s the same as my hat made from real wool.

I’m very grateful to you for providing informative answers on my queries and for arranging goods to be safely delivered to our address.

I wish all the best to you and your company.

R. Powell TradLux Futomat 20/01/2017


We were very pleased to receive our mattress about an hour after we spoke.

The courier company were very helpful when we called and were happy to provide a delivery time which we were not expecting.

The mattress itself is just wonderful. No odour at all. Very much looking forward to trying it out tonight.

When you have allergies, it’s such a relief to find suppliers like you – as shopping for new items (especially) can be very stressful.

Best wishes

J El Masry Pocket Sprung Futomat 16/05/2016

My futomat was safely delivered this morning.

I want to thank your company for a quick turnaround, and also say how AMAZING my mattress is and how much I LOVE it! I haven’t spent a night on it yet, but I had a nap this afternoon (I’ve been ill recently) and it was heaven – so comfortable. Eco credentials are really important to me (I have an organic wool duvet, pillow and mattress topper) and I have so much respect for your company in going that extra mile to provide products with no off-gassing. I’ve shared photos on Facebook with a link to your website, just to give you a bit of extra publicity – every little helps, as they say.

By now I’ve had the chance to sleep all night on my mattress. It was so, so comfortable – I just didn’t want to get up this morning! I’ve had a really old mattress for several years. It’s like going from an old Ford van to a Rolls Royce ?

P Ivison Pocket Sprung Futomat 29/11/2015

The whole experience from speaking and emailing to receiving my mattress cannot be faulted.

The customer service staff I spoke to were helpful, knowledgeable and pleasant, the delivery was prompt and the driver very nice.

The mattress is the nicest, most comfortable I have ever bought and I do not regret spending more that I usually would as it is very well made even to the extent that there are small felt flower shapes covering the buttons.

If anyone is considering buying the Pocket Sprung Futon, go ahead, you won’t regret doing so.

M Good Appledore Natural Mattress 28/11/2015

Very happy owner of a new Appledore Natural Mattress. Excellent service, quick delivery and perfect packaging (including the added bonus of a cute little lavender bag!). I was very pleased to find a quality chemical free mattress meaning I can now sleep easily at night (no pun intended) knowing I don’t have to worry about what I’m being exposed to. Comfortable, with a quality finish that I can’t fault – would definitely buy from Cottonsafe again.

M Pickard Appledore Natural Mattress 27/11/2015

I’d been searching for a new bed mattress for myself and my husband that would be chemical free as we both have hypoallergenic skin. I brought an Appledore Mattress from Cottonsafe Natural Mattress and couldn’t be happier with what I received. I spoke to the sales staff who were both knowledgeable and polite and made the whole process incredibly easy. Speedy delivery and the quality of the mattress is brilliant. I ordered a medium hardness to support my back and it is by far the best mattress I have had. 5 Stars.

K. O Pocket Sprung Futomat 14/09/2015

Just wanted to say the mattress arrived on Friday and is just wonderful! My daughter is loving it and it’s so comfy I’m tempted to nab it myself! ?

Thanks again for all your advice and help and when I come to replace my own mattress I will definitely come back to you.

Thanks so much again.

C. Bilchak Cottonsafe® Mattress Topper 01/06/2015

As an addendum to my previous comments: after a week of using it, my daughter has declared that sleeping on the mattress topper is “wonderful”. She certainly is much better rested come morning! The delivery of the second mattress topper was also on time and problem-free.

C. Bilchak Cottonsafe® Mattress Topper 22/05/2015

The topper is exactly what we wanted. Needed two, but wanted to check it out first, so, after a few nights sleeping on it, we’ll probably be ordering another. Love the smell! And the delivery was very efficient.

C. Turrell Appledore Natural Mattress 14/04/2015

Psoraisis Free!

I was diagnosed with psoraisis last year after several months of being told I had a fungal infection. The itching had started on my scalp then progressed to my chest and stomach and was particularly bad at night, to the point where I had to take 2 amitryptilin just to sleep for a few hours.

I was prescribed Dovobet which had little effect, but I did find some relief using cold tar products. In February I decided to purchase a new mattress, thinking may be dust mites might be exacerbating the condition. Whilst researching the internet I saw that you make natural Cottonsafe mattresses and toppers which are free from the usual flame retardant chemicals, so I purchased a topper. I was sceptical whether this would make any real difference to my psoraisis but was willing to try anything to stop the itching!

Much to my amazement and delight, after only 2 weeks using the topper not only had the original psoraisis patches completely disappeared but I have had no further flare ups since then. I also discontinued using Dovobet and cold tar soap.

So, thanks so much – I will definitely recommend your mattresses and toppers to anyone with psoriasis. It’s worked for me.

Best wishes

R. Fisher Westminster 3 Seater Futon Sofa bed 02/03/2015

Futon arrived mid morning delivered by a cheerful courier. Futon assembled easily and we are very pleased with the result. Thank you.

A. Jones Standard Cotton Rich (Tri-fold) Futon Mattress 29/01/2015

Many thanks. Just arrived and the futons are great. Thank you for the prompt service.

E. Parkhouse Pure Choice Bed Mattress 27/01/2015

I just wanted to let you know what a big difference my Pure Choice mattress has made to my psoriasis. In the past it had been constantly flaring up, particularly irritating me at night. Since sleeping on the Pure Choice mattress for a month I have had no flare ups at all and I sleep much better. Having a mattress that is fire retardant chemical free has been a positive health decision for me. I now sleep soundly and comfortably! Many thanks

M. Jeane Pocket Sprung Cotton Rich Futon Mattress 20/01/2015

This is just to say a huge ‘thank you’ for the futon which arrived yesterday and was slept on for the first time last night – it’s wonderful! This morning my backache and neckache, which I’ve had for the last few months, have disappeared and I feel completely refreshed and rested.

As I needed to replace an orthopaedic mattress which was part of an Adjustamatic bed, I telephoned you for advice about this. The person to whom I spoke couldn’t have been more helpful, friendly and informative and I was able to make the choices I needed about the futon and its cover without any problems. Once I ordered the mattress was delivered very swiftly, also without any problems.

What could have been a very fraught process turned out to be a simple, painless and successful one – and far cheaper than I had anticipated. (A replacement Adjustamatic orthopaedic mattress would have cost three times as much.) The futon works perfectly with the Adjustamatic base (and is quieter because the thicker layers of the futon muffle the noise from the motor), so you have here one extremely happy customer.

Many thanks indeed

A. Bailey Pangkor 2 Seater Futon Sofa Bed 08/01/2015

A few words to let you know how delighted we are with our Pangkor Sofabed. I waited until now to let you know as it was given a good trial over Christmas and the verdict was ” a comfortable place to sleep” – and that was from a back sufferer who spent 6 nights on it.

The whole process was so easy – yes even putting it together. Your website is excellent and gave us the information we needed to make the decision to buy; the purchase process was straight forward and you kept us informed; it was only 6 days from order to delivery, excellent; the sofabed is a beautiful piece of quality furniture and we are delighted with it.

P. Madge Standard Cotton Rich (Tri-fold) Futon Mattress 27/10/2014

I wanted to say thank you very much for all your help with my recent order.

It arrived safe and sound on Thursday and has already been used – with very good feedback.

It was one small order but you attended to it as it were much more.

I am much impressed with the company and wish it well.

If I ever need another futon I will be straight back!

J. Moore Standard Cotton Rich (Tri-fold) Futon Mattress 25/09/2014

The two futon mattresses arrived first thing this morning. Perfect. So my feedback on the delivery: excellent, on-time service.

I had a wonderful nights sleep last night, thanks to your excellent Futon mattress! It really is excellent quality …at an affordable price!

B. Warren Flexi-Pocket Cotton Rich (Tri-fold) Futon Mattress 08/09/2014

I just wanted to say thank you for the fab service you gave me when I needed to order a futon cushion for my 30 year old futon!

The clear, helpful and friendly advice allowed me to choose exactly the right product, and it arrived swiftly with no hassle. It looks great! Thank you.

L. Schmidt Twin Loft Cotton Rich Futon Mattress 18/08/2014

We are very pleased with the Futon. Thank you for your service. You were quick, had great service and easy to work with. I was under time pressure to replace our futon, and it all worked out. The futon is very comfortable and attractive. Thank you.

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