What’s in your mattress cover?

What’s in your mattress cover?

If you are buying a natural mattress then one of the most important part of a mattress is the cover.

This is because it is the closest part of the mattress to your skin and its very important when passing the fire regulations.

Cottonsafe® Cover

At Cottonsafe® Natural Mattress our patent pending fabric is a mixture of organic cotton and natural wool.  Nothing else!  It’s not only totally chemical free but also passes the highest UK fire regulation CRIB 5 and unlike other fabrics is totally breathable.


Other covers available are …

Organic Cotton Covers

Cotton on its own does not pass the fire regulations. It must be treated with a chemical fire retardant. Many manufactures do their best to hide the fact they are using chemicals.   Some use natural sounding accreditation organisations that claim the chemicals they use are safe.  One or two manufacturers try and make it pass by pulling it very tightly across a wool under layer.  Unfortunately cotton stretches so as soon as someone lies on the mattress the cover loosens and the mattress fails the regulations and becomes unsafe.

Wool Composite Covers

Sometimes called wool covers.  This is a material made from a mixture of wool, cellulose fibre and silicates.  The concern about this cover is the chemical process used in making the cellulose fibre and how the silicates are used and blended.  In terms of the fire safety, it only passes as low hazard regulations.

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