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      Children's Mattresses and Cot

      Nothing To Declare

      Weird chemicals, clever marketing and fancy packaging blur the lines between products that look good and ones that actually are. Other than basic preparation, we don’t interfere with nature. We don't use chemicals, glues, foams and adhesives in their manufacture – we simply make comfy, honest children's & cot mattresses, with nothing to hide.

      We have designed our children’s & cot mattresses after receiving lots of enquiries about using our materials to produce mattresses specifically for children and to create a product which is more affordable for parents.

      The Children’s Mattresses are aimed at children over 2 years old and will be suitable to around 12 years old (dependent on weight of the child – suggested maximum of 9 stone). It is a medium-firm support mattress which is recommended by The Children’s Sleep Charity.