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      Our philosophy -

      • We are different to ALL other UK manufacturers, as we are openly and actively campaigning for the elimination of toxic flame retardant chemicals in our mattresses and furniture.

      • We are totally honest about our products and are committed to ethical business. We treat our customers with respect and want to keep them healthy and safe.

      • We have proved it is possible to make fire safe mattresses without ANY flame retardant chemicals and have academic research which confirms this.

      • We are passionate about protecting people's health and the environment. Every day we are pressurising ministers and the authorities to change their stance. We are working with the Fire Brigade Union and charities, who are also very concerned about the effects of these chemicals, and fighting to get the message out to the public of this hidden toxic disgrace.  

      • Despite our call to other manufacturers to join us in our campaign, not one has come forward. We are not only fighting the authorities but the bed industry itself which is bent on maintaining the status quo, whilst being well aware of the harm these chemicals cause.

      • We want to educate the public and provide information so you can make an informed choice. You are the only ones who will make a difference by supporting us and getting the truth in the public domain. If you feel you can help us and want to discuss this further, please give us a ring. 



      The chart below shows how we are the only UK mattress manufacturer proactively developing safer alternatives to chemicals and actively lobbying Government to change their approach to fire retardant chemicals.

      Cottonsafe Timeline

      Click here to read the latest about our work with the OPSS.

      Our products -

      • We are NOT opposed to man-made fibres. We make some mattresses with all natural fibres and some with a combination of natural and man-made. The materials we use are either biodegradable or recyclable.

      • As a manufacturer we can supply direct to the public and pass on the savings to our customers. We believe that everyone should be able to afford to sleep safely - we don't want to be exclusive.

      • We only produce top quality bespoke products, made to last using luxury fillings for our futons and mattresses for ultimate comfort. We use much larger quantities of fillings than other manufacturers. 

      • We will offer a brilliant superfast service from order to delivery and after sales care.

      • We never stand still and we are always looking to creatively improve, develop and grow our products


      The team -

      As a small family business, we manufacture a unique range of handcrafted, chemical-free bed mattresses in our factory based in Woodbury, Devon. We don't make mattresses for anyone else.

      Born in Devon, Mark Dowen has been retailing and manufacturing sofabeds and mattresses for over 30 years. Trained in design, he spent many years participating in International Furniture Shows inspiring his talent for inventing new products. With his successful wholesale and retail mattress company going from strength to strength, Mark has spent the last ten years developing new products which are kind to the environment and human health. He has become an expert in developing chemical free fabrics, completing research with a university for the Fire Brigade and advising the government about the UK Furniture Fire Regulations.

      The Children's Sleep Charity

      Mark and his wife Liz moved back to Devon in 2011. From mattress making to marketing, Liz has worked alongside Mark for the last eight years. Liz is a Sleep Practitioner for The Children's Sleep Charity and is helping them extend their support to families in the South West.

      With three amazing daughters, including Jessica who is a Director and Megan the Office Manager, the family company are determined to make a difference.

      We would love to show you our products - come and try them in our Woodbury showroom just outside Exeter. More information here.