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      Futomat - Futon Style Bed Mattresses

      Futon Style Bed MattressOur futon style mattresses are designed for bed use only. They are around 6 inches deep and have the same fillings as our futon mattresses, but with a Cottonsafe® quilted mattress cover and felt tufts instead of buttons. Please note these are futon style mattresses, they have layers that will settle over time.

      The futon style mattresses are a good alternative for customers looking for a mattress without springs (excluding the Pocket Sprung version). They are firmer than traditional bed mattresses and have a different feel. You tend to sink into rather than lie on top of a futon.

      The Pocket Sprung is the softest feel and is most like a normal bed mattress. The Latex has a spongy feel which provides a medium support. The TradLux is the most traditional futon filling with a mainly cotton filling and has a firm feel. The Cocoloc is our firmest Futomat with a layer of coir fibre coconut matting inside.

      Pocket Sprung Filling Pocket Sprung Filling
      From £360.00
      Latex Filling Latex Filling
      From £383.00
      TradLux Filling TradLux Filling
      From £321.00
      Cocoloc Filling Cocoloc Filling
      From £321.00
      Vegan Futomats Vegan Futomats
      From £321.00