Appledore Natural Mattress

£519.00£2,096.49 inc. VAT

Appledore Natural Mattress

(27 customer reviews)

£519.00£2,096.49 inc. VAT

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The Appledore Natural Mattress

The first in our range, our excellent Appledore Bed Mattresses all have our signature chemical free Cottonsafe® cover. Each Appledore Mattress is handmade to order and internally stitched together with flax thread – we use no glues, solvents or adhesives. Our craftsmen also hand tuft our mattresses with wool-felt. The Appledore bed mattress is quality assured by our craftsmen in Devon and carries the “Cottonsafe®” brand with a 10 year warranty.

  • Cottonsafe® cover with embroidered logoStockholm Convention
  • Medium or Firm support feel with a luxury 1000 spring count
  • Turnable Active Support Technology®
  • No fire retardant chemicals
  • No adhesives or glues used in the manufacturing process
  • 10 year manufacturing guarantee
  • Unlike all other mattresses, we comply with the Stockholm Convention on recycling and each mattress is clearly labelled as such

Our Cottonsafe® Cover

The Cottonsafe® fabric cover is completely unique and naturally fire retardant with NO ADD ON TREATMENTS such as FIRE RETARDANT COATING OR CHEMICALS. Why should you be concerned about fire retardant chemicals in mattresses? Click here for more information.

We have a method patent pending on our technology. Academic research has proved that Cottonsafe® is the safest mattress on the market – see here.

Cottonsafe® is a blend of organic cotton with natural wool with built in fire barriers. Click here to find out more about Cottonsafe®.

Why use certified Organic cotton in the cover? Organic cotton uses far less pesticides and fertilisers than conventional cotton and it comes from original plants which are not genetically modified and have not been treated with chemicals during the processing and packaging, such as washes, bleaches, scents or colouring. Whilst organic cotton is more expensive than conventional cotton at Cottonsafe® Natural Mattress we feel that it is definitely worth it. Cotton is a very thirsty product but organic cotton uses less water due to the fact that most farmers use rain-fed watering rather than irrigated water which depletes groundwater sources. Water is a vital resource the world over.

The outer Cottonsafe® cover is sewn together traditionally using a tape edge machine.

Appledore Fillings & Springs

We only use top quality luxury fillings which include extra thick layers of white cotton rich felt, thick wool, a luxury pocket sprung unit using Active Support Technology® and a soft wool top to give you a totally luxury feel. The inner core is then wrapped around the edge with a cotton rich side wall wrap, which is then sewn to the frame using natural flax. Each mattress is hand stitched around the border. It is a fully turnable mattress, meaning the fillings are equal on both sides.

The luxurious 1000 pocket-sprung unit in the centre of the Appledore mattress comes with a choice of medium or firm support springs.  It is well known by experienced mattress makers that a 1000 pocket sprung unit gives you the perfect balance between quantity and quality. The pocket springs are in their own individual pockets which allows the mattress to adjust and respond to your body weight. Click here to find out more about our springs.

Because we use natural and organic materials with little or no treatment to keep them as natural as possible there may be an aroma of cotton or wool. Also due to the thick layers we use, a degree of settlement will naturally occur over time.  This process may be accelerated by constant pressure or lying in a certain area leaving a slight hollow.  This is quite natural; over time this will smooth out when the fillings settle evenly.

You can now upgrade the Appledore to contain Organic Wool rather than the soft British wool layers, select this option from the drop down menu when ordering.

Appledore Filling

  • Cottonsafe® outer fabric
  • Soft British wool layer
  • White Cotton Rich layer
  • Needled wool layer
  • 1000 Pocket spring unit
  • Needled wool layer
  • White Cotton Rich layer
  • Soft British wool layer
  • Cottonsafe® outer fabric

Additional Information


Small Single size (2’6): 76 x 190 x 22cm
Single size (3’): 90 x 190 x 22cm and features 561 pocket springs
Long Single size (3’ x 6’6): 90 x 200 x 22cm
Double size (4’6”): 140 x 190 x 22cm and features 885 pocket springs
King size (5’): 152 x 200 x 22cm and features 1015 pocket springs
Super King size (6’): 180 x 200 x 22cm

Delivery details

Our bed mattresses are delivered by a two man team. For full delivery information, see here.

Our commitment to you

For your peace of mind we offer a 1 year guarantee and extended 10 year warranty on all our Cottonsafe® Mattresses* for further information please see more details here.

27 reviews for Appledore Natural Mattress

  1. K. Macaulay (verified owner)

    We purchased the Appledore about a year ago for my daughter who has raved about it ever since. When working in France for five months, I asked her what she’d missed about home. Her first comment was that she missed her bed with the comfy mattress! I’ve long since known about the strong fire retardant chemicals in home furnishings, particularly being concerned about them in new bedding and mattresses and was delighted to find your company. When I heard about a friend’s strong allergic reaction to the chemicals in a memory foam mattress, I was more than happy to recommend you. From purchase, delivery to regular usage, it has been a very happy experience and the prices are reasonable too! I can’t recommend you highly enough.

  2. A. Strong (verified owner)

    We are really delighted with our Appledore mattress as its great to know it is totally toxin free but not only that, it’s so comfy! We will be buying all our mattresses from Cottonsafe in the future.

  3. S. Dee-Shapland (verified owner)

    The mattress was a new home gift from my father and the best gift I could have received!

    It’s so, so comfortable – I love it. The quality of sleep I have now been is much deeper so I always wake feeling refreshed. Love knowing that it’s free from toxic chemicals and can sleep better in that knowledge too.

  4. N. L. (verified owner)

    I bought the Appledore mattress several months ago after looking at different chemical-free options, and I’m very happy with it. The mattress is thick, well-made and most importantly very comfortable. Unlike other mattresses I had, which were comfortable at first but then began to sag, making it difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position, this mattress hasn’t lost its original firmness so far and is still as comfortable as it was on day one. It did smell quite strongly of wool in the first few weeks, but it wasn’t unpleasant and didn’t bother me.
    The customer service was excellent, some questions I had before purchasing were answered very quickly and delivery on the specific date I requested was made exactly as arranged.
    Overall a very good experience, would recommend to anyone who is looking for a natural mattress or just a good mattress in general.

  5. D Perkins (verified owner)

    We recently bought an Appledore king size mattress with a Newton oak bed frame and have been delighted with both. The mattress appeared at first to be slightly on the firm side but blissful sleep and waking up free from aches and pains has shown it to be providing the perfect level of support for both of us, despite our being of differing heights and weights.

    We have just purchased another king size Newton oak bed frame for the spare room. The finish is lovely and the quality of the construction means there is no need for a supporting leg underneath.

    Mark at Cottonsafe is a pleasure to deal with and we are very satisfied with our puchases and with the customer service provided.

  6. J. Rigley (verified owner)

    We have been totally happy with the mattress, even though it was our first wool one. It did smell a bit ‘woolly’ for the first couple of weeks, especially if sleeping face down, but it wasn’t offputting! I find it very comfortable and have previously been uncomfortable on sprung and memory foam mattresses. I do sometimes still get hot flushes in the night (though not as much as with the memory foam), but I know that is down to me, not the mattress.

  7. O. Clark (verified owner)

    We bought the mattresses for two of our children, and they are reporting that they are very comfortable!

  8. G. Lloyd-Williams (verified owner)

    Very happy with this product for my son, he says it is amazingly comfortable, also good delivery and service, definitely recommend to anyone wanting a non toxic mattress.

  9. N. Webb (verified owner)

    Very comfy and happy with our purchases thank you. Prob order another single at some point as my little girl got a rock hard one from a different company couple years ago. Once yours arrived realised how awful hers is!

  10. F. Weaver (verified owner)

    Thank you for your mattress. It is wonderful! We’re enjoying luxuriating in its comfortable arms! I recommend it to anyone and have also stocked our holiday Cabin with a king size one that gets rave reviews from our guests. See here –

  11. I. Lyra (verified owner)

    The mattress is great and I love that it’s all natural. It’s very comfortable and I am 100% satisfied with it.

  12. K. Dorrance (verified owner)

    Just wanted to let you know how much we love our new mattress. We came down from the Midlands to test them out. You still can’t really tell until you’ve slept on them for a few weeks. Well it’s passed my husbands test as he actually wakes up without an aching back and I’ve found it extremely comfortable.

  13. H. Siltanen (verified owner)

    The mattress is great; very comfortable. And I am happy that it isn’t doused with toxic chemicals. The delivery was fast and prompt, all in all I am very happy with the quality of the mattress and the service/delivery, would definitely recommend Cottonsafe to friends and family.

  14. Mrs B (verified owner)

    I purchased an Appledore mattress a few months ago and I’m very happy with it. It’s comfortable and well-made. I was looking for a chemical- free mattress, and this product is ideal. The sheep smell was quite strong initially (reassuringly so perhaps!) but it has disappeared now.

    The only negative is that the mattress (which we bought in super king size) is very heavy but the delivery men were amazing at carrying it up eight floors to our flat.

    I would happily recommend this company to others. Great product and service.

  15. J. Waugh (verified owner)

    I’ve been sleeping on my new mattress for several weeks now and couldn’t be more pleased with it. Right from the start it`s been very comfortable and at the same time I feel as though my whole body is being supported. The result is that my sleep has improved. And the fact that the mattress is made from natural materials gives me a lot of reassurance. I’m very satisfied that I made the right choice in purchasing the Appledore mattress.

    Many thanks for a great product.

  16. P. Ayres (verified owner)

    The mattresses are so beautiful thank you. We are delighted with them and my children say they are so comfy and warm. I would like to get one for us soon and I have told my parents and they are planning on getting one too!

    What a wonderful product.

    Thank you.

  17. R & M Craig (verified owner)

    Really pleased with the mattresses and service received. Mattresses lovely and firm.

  18. S. Wright (verified owner)

    We are delighted with our Appledore mattress and would definitely recommend it, and your company, to anyone.

    The mattress is very warm and snug to lie on and, with the addition of your topper, extremely comfortable. We both suffer from chemical sensitivities so knowing that it has been manufactured without any harsh chemicals is a huge bonus too.

  19. C. Clifford-Moore (verified owner)

    I have been sleeping on my new Appledore mattress for a month now and am very pleased with it. The sheepy smell didn’t last long and I found it quite comforting (no chemicals). It is very comfortable and cosy and also good support so my back is feeling a lot better. Thank you Cottonsafe.

  20. H. Michael (verified owner)

    I recently bought an Appledore mattress for my 11 year old niece and I just wanted to
    let you know how pleased we both are with it. It’s well made and so comfortable!

    Thank you very much for a quality mattress without any nasty chemicals.

  21. N. Hinchliffe (verified owner)

    Just wanted to drop you a line to say we are extremely happy with our new mattress so far. It’s great quality and although I would say it’s not as firm as we are used to, it’s certainly very comfortable. You’ve been fantastic to deal with throughout our many questions. So thank you.

  22. Mrs. R (verified owner)

    I just wanted to send you a quick email to say thank you so much for our fabulous Appledore mattresses and Cottonsafe mattress toppers. We slept on them for the first time last night and they really are wonderfully comfortable and supportive; I’m absolutely thrilled with them. Great service and fantastic quality product so a big thanks again from up here in the far north of Scotland!

  23. E. Mee (verified owner)

    We purchased a king-sized cottonsafe mattress around 5 weeks ago when our previous mattress was making me wake up aching in my hips and lower back (despite being a really good brand and only 4 years old). The new mattress didn’t feel different immediately, but within a week I felt much better in the mornings. I now sleep more soundly and am more comfortable on my side – although my husband hasn’t noticed any difference at all! I’m also pleased to have eradicated the chemicals and fire retardants from our bedroom. Thanks for a great product!

  24. T. van Beers (verified owner)

    We love our mattress, in fact after ordering the King Size bed and mattress we realized we needed Super King and bought the same again in the larger size. The mattress is very comfortable and our 1 year old sleeps very well on it too! (Always a bonus for a good night’s sleep ?) It is very heavy so turning it is done about once every few months but that’s only a small price to pay for comfort.

  25. M. Levitt (verified owner)

    The quality of the mattress is excellent and should last my little girl for many, many years. As she is only 3 stone in weight she hasn’t made any dent in it so it’ll remain a firm mattress for quite a while! I like the lavender bag on it too!

  26. A. Roberts (verified owner)

    It’s thick, beautifully made and is incredibly comfortable. My daughter absolutely loves it and it is pleasant for us to lie on it with her at bedtime when she’s reading her books out loud. I very much appreciate the construction that does not include chemical fire retardants. It was good to be offered a money-back guarantee but we can assure you it will not be coming back to you!

    We may well come back to you for another one in the near future.

  27. C. Turrell

    Psoraisis Free!

    I was diagnosed with psoraisis last year after several months of being told I had a fungal infection. The itching had started on my scalp then progressed to my chest and stomach and was particularly bad at night, to the point where I had to take 2 amitryptilin just to sleep for a few hours.

    I was prescribed Dovobet which had little effect, but I did find some relief using cold tar products. In February I decided to purchase a new mattress, thinking may be dust mites might be exacerbating the condition. Whilst researching the internet I saw that you make natural Cottonsafe mattresses and toppers which are free from the usual flame retardant chemicals, so I purchased a topper. I was sceptical whether this would make any real difference to my psoraisis but was willing to try anything to stop the itching!

    Much to my amazement and delight, after only 2 weeks using the topper not only had the original psoraisis patches completely disappeared but I have had no further flare ups since then. I also discontinued using Dovobet and cold tar soap.

    So, thanks so much – I will definitely recommend your mattresses and toppers to anyone with psoriasis. It’s worked for me.

    Best wishes,
    Catheryn Turrell

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